Converting This Passion And Concern Into Progress And Empowerment


We totally support the right of the National Anthem protesters to peacefully protest as they choose and applaud their self-sacrificing attitude to put their careers on the line for what is a noble cause. Additionally, there is no denying the protest has the billionaire owners giving newfound attention to the race and social justice issue in America even if only as a result of how the controversy may be impacting their bottom line.

However, here’s where we see the protest being self-defeating and self-deprecating. It begins with a perspective of concession to the haters that this is their country and not ours and the racist offenses engaged in by these various individuals is representative of the nation and our protests are against their symbols because this is their country. Actually, the haters waved their flags and chanted their anthem in Charleston and were endorsed by the hater-in-chief in the White-house. We would never concede ownership of our flag and anthem to that group. It’s the wrong perspective and the wrong message to send to our youth and our fellow Americans. Once we fully embrace the understanding that this is our country we are less likely to extend ownership of these national symbols to that fringe element of haters as if those symbols of our nation belongs to them.

Take the case of some rogue cop or cops killing an unarmed black male. Does that call for a protest against the American Flag and the National Anthem as if these killers represent America, with the flag and anthem belonging to those committing these racist offenses?  I don’t think so. To repeat, we would never concede ownership of the country and its national symbols to the haters. 

These misguided generalized protests directed at the national symbols are exactly the kind of reaction Dylan Roof was trying to tap into by killing those black American parishioners in the church in Charleston South Carolina. According to this deranged individual, his mass murders were to be seen as representing white America and hoping it would start a race war. Don’t get it twisted. If one chooses to protest against those engaging in racist offenses, it would make a lot more sense if they directed their protests at the offenders where the injustice occurs. Don’t let those offenders off the hook. Why direct it at the whole nation as if that’s what we are up against as black Americans because that simply is not the case.

Protests are not like socks. One size does not fit all. Reaching back to the Tommie Smith and John Carlos protest template, which was a one-time demonstration in a once every four years international event and does not apply to today’s reality. The symbolic protest during the Olympic ceremonies was to call world attention on an international stage to the racial discrimination and segregation problems in America at the time. That iconic demonstration was fifty years ago when the racial problem was national in scope, and the civil rights movement was at its height. Since then, those grievances have been substantially addressed. It’s verified by the success of the civil rights movement, integration, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and further evidenced by our subsequent spectacular economic and political advancement individually and collectively.

The irony is these protesting black professional ballplayers, many of whom are multimillionaires and among the biggest group of economic beneficiaries of the success of the civil rights movement. They are also among the best examples of our spectacular economic progress as a race. News flash, the over-all battle has already been won. If you don’t know what you’re fighting for, you won’t know when you’re winning the fight. To paraphrase General Patton (as played by George C Scott), “We don’t need to pay for the same real estate twice.”

This is an example of how conditioning works. We’re looking at people who are demonstrating and making ESPY group speeches for news media attention but unable to make the connection that this is where we are lacking and vulnerable. Having been subjected to years of thinking our only recourse to opposing injustice is to march and demonstrate for new media attention has folks conditioned to a way of thinking.

Interestingly, this lack of a sense of entitlement and ownership among African Americans even among those of wealth and fame is part of the challenge we face in taking us to the next level in our advancement to unprecedented empowerment. Instead of protesting for news media attention, logic and the constitution clearly directs putting in place our own national news media operation able to impose accountability where it has never been and put those opposing forces in check.

This is an example of how conditioning works. We’re looking at a people who are demonstrating and making ESPY group speeches for news media attention but unable to make the connection that not having our own national news media is where we are lacking and vulnerable.

The goal post has moved. The battleground has changed. The question is how do we build on our spectacular economic and political advancements and take the logical next step to further empower ourselves? It’s a simple exercise in logic and common sense to see where we are the most vulnerable and what’s missing. It’s summed up in one word– accountability.  Next question, what apparatus do we need to put in place to impose accountability where it has never been?  You don’t have to be a nuclear physicist to figure this out.  The answer should be obvious, the establishment of our own national news media operation a solution in which we are now engaged.

So here’s where we are.  We are implementing a social media campaign designed to capitalize on the collective power of the people and calling it “People Power.” We’re moving past those who are unable to recognize this logical solution, which is in their interests to support including both the NFL protesting players and owners caught in their mutually self-defeating quandary.

This two-stage solution has a high potential for success in its simplicity and minimal request which we hope to achieve with our $50,000″GoFundMe” fundraising campaign to produce our television pilot which show what an all-inclusive national news media operation looks like.

However, it makes more sense to take this “People Power” to its ultimate level giving our original “GoFundMe” participants and supporters the opportunity to be investor owners. Once we air our television news-day pilot to millions of Americans on Youtube and other streaming platforms, our “People Power” concept will reach its ultimate manifestation. 1 million shares at $200 each with a maximum of 5 shares per person should once again be an attractive offer. The percentage of ownership will be stated in the offering. This is real “People Power” taken to an unprecedented level. It will allow us to begin our national cable news television network with potentially a builtin audience of owners investors in the million viewership range.  A change is coming.