It’s the last major institutional racist problem that has escaped everyone’s awareness, which is the integrated mainstream news media continuing their pre-integration racist practice of supporting the police in race and police encounters. This amounts to not only an ongoing lack of news media accountability in race and police encounters, but an additional news media practice of knowingly supporting racist police misconduct in these race and police encounters. That’s what makes “The Big Cover-Up” video

so powerful as breakthrough information. The assumption has been both the police and press ceased their pre-integration racist practices with integration. Of course few have any  illusions about the police ending their racist misconduct with the wealth of camera-phone video scenes of their racist misdoings on YouTube and all of the social media platforms. 

that we have pointed out in the various articles on this website and that we are now bringing to the forefront for our collective attention. Since integration we have made spectacular advances economically and politically, collectively and individually. However, there is this widespread understanding that we still have a ways to go to achieve real racial equality particularly in the race and social justice arena. 

The haters will always be there but they are in the minority. The main concern is to make sure we have the structural protection in place of news media accountability where it’s never been , which is particularly in race and police encounters.

There is no cause more widely accepted as a subject to be addressed than racist discrimination and injustice in its various manifestations especially regarding race and social justice. That sense of an ongoing unsolved racist problem has many of us embracing the concept of “Giving back.” While the unsolved race and social justice problem is the big mystery, education is the default cause to be supported.

 The tradition and practice in the mainstream news media of supporting the police in everyday race and police encounters is the last institutional racist practice at the root of the unsolved race and social justice problem. However, as “The Big Cover-Up” video shows it’s a deep-seated tradition and practice yet to be addressed. And as we continue to point out. many of those in the news media in front and behind the cameras are totally unaware of the racists tradition and practices in which they are participating. 

We also continue to put forward exhibit “A” “The Big Cover-Up” video, because it is irrefutable evidence of the deep-seated news media racists practice occurring. However, that doesn’t mean those viewing the video will see the racist offense taking place before their eyes. That’s why we include an analysis to help the viewers recognize what’s unfolding before them.  allowing you to ‘believe your lying eyes.”