Monday, December 17, 2018

THE TRUTH: Can You Handle It?

Facts are being presented here that are going to destroy a lot of racial myths and misconceptions, which the public has embraced, chief among them being, the presence of black cops insures against racist police abuse of black people and black reporters in the integrated news media insures against racially biased news media practices.

The truth is you don’t have to be a genius or of a particular race to figure out if the solution we are presenting makes sense. The most visible and vilified group in America with a history of racial bias in the news media does not have our own national news media operation. That’s an obvious racial inequality and therefore a very real American problem.

The truth is when we first presented this concept, we had no idea of the lack of support we would receive from leaders of black professional organizations, philanthropic foundations with black and white leaders, and even the leaders of the NFL and NBA players associations. In fairness, we don’t know if many of these folk even checked out the information. This concept of black Americans having our own national news media operation when submitted to these leaders, most of them black, received no response. It’s hard to believe these people checked out particularly The Big Cover-Up video and remained indifferent. Consequently, the jury is still out on some of these people.

The truth is we can’t afford to sugar coat facts in this presentation. There are lives at stake and injustices to be addressed. Additionally, there is the elimination of a longstanding racial problem and the establishment of our own national news media operation for the first time in history in the offing. This represents the most empowering development for black Americans since the success of the civil rights movement. Those who choose not to support this liberating empowering advancement for black Americans while posturing and pontificating as saviors needs to be exposed.

The truth is that the recent proliferation of camera phones and Youtube, has exposed the reality of rampant racist police practices to include illegal stops, searches and brutality, plus the unjustified killings of unarmed black males, which up until recently the general public has been largely unaware.

The truth is we have exposed the mainstream news media’s racist tradition and practice of knowingly supporting law enforcement misconduct in race matters. (check out The Big Cover Up) News media complicity has been the main reason these racist police offenses have gone undetected all this time, thus validating the urgent need for our own national news media operation and the missing accountability factor it brings.

The truth is that these discriminatory racist practices by police and press go all the way back to slavery and have survived and endured the civil war, reconstruction, the civil rights movement, and integration of both police departments and news rooms. However, they cannot survive consistent and persistent exposure and accountability, which having our own national news media operation in place will allow us to expose both the police and press engaging in their racist practices. This is the ultimate solution.

The truth is that black Americans currently having no national news media presence and representation for the first time in history is being addressed with this endeavor. If we had in place the kind of all-inclusive news media that genuinely includes the representation of black Americans, able to widely disseminate information raising public awareness as we are demonstrating here, this would be a whole different world.

The truth is we’ve been chump’d, punk’d, played and made a fool of, that’s exactly what the mainstream news media has been doing to black Americans undetected and obviously unreported since integration and the civil rights movement. However, when we document in a video the press and police being complicit in subjecting the black President to their racist actions that should raise the ire and resentment of all Americans. Anyone we expose being indifferent to that racist travesty deserve whatever shame or embarrassment that comes with the exposure. No race deserves this widespread betrayal from its own people or those posing as saviors. (See The Big Cover Up)

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