Why Target Certain Groups And Not Others To Support This Ultimate Solution


    Our answer to the inevitable question – Have you approached (fill in the name of a black leader or organization)? The answer is no. This race and social justice problem has gone unsolved for the last fifty years. That means whole industries have been spawned and individuals ascended now thriving on the acceptance of the race and social justice problem being unsolvable. We’re looking for those who have no stake in this mystery continuing.

    Not Everyone Wants The Floods To End

    This is analogous to whole industries established working on the annual floods in a community every year. Then someone comes along with the ultimate solution and builds a dam eliminating the annual floods and the purpose of those businesses prospering on the flood problem. Conversely, all the people in the community who were experiencing the hardships of the annual flooding welcomed the end of the problem and its hardships. However, those profiting on the floods were not so happy.

    We know not everyone is interested in the ultimate solution. “Not all slaves welcomed the Union troops.” When you’re living good off the problem the last thing you want to see is the solution showing up. We have to reach out to those who are not dependent on the problem continuing, who should be receptive to this empowering concept. Our GoFundMe minimum $50,000 campaign to produce the pilot is the obvious next step to show the nation and potential investors what this all-inclusive national cable news television network looks like. Plus how it’s critical for our advancement to unprecedented empowerment

    If You Thought This Is As Good As It Gets, It’s About To Get A Whole Lot Better

    When we hear LeBron James saying” it’s going to be a long time before we can feel equal as African Americans,” we know there is a large black American audience looking for this information. This should resonate solidly among some of the biggest beneficiaries of the success of the civil rights movement, particularly those who subscribe to the concept of “giving back.” A concept that advances the whole race to unprecedented empowerment is the ultimate “give Back” move to support.

    There is a widely embraced sentiment of “Giving back” particularly among people like LeBron James, his fellow NBA, and NFL demonstrators. This is a group who clearly are not dependent on the current racial injustices continuing and who are genuinely looking for answers. Obviously, among the people to be made aware of this endeavor.

    At long last, we have the solution to the race and social justice problem that has stumped a whole nation and particularly African Americans since the success of the civil rights movement. Actually, we’ve had the answer for years, but now we have a realistic plan to make it happen.

    Its The Last Remaining Institutional Racial Inequality Finally Being Addressed

    The solution is to establish our own all-inclusive 24-7 national cable news television network and 24-7 on-line news magazine to address the last remaining institutional racial inequality of which few are even aware it exists. The most visible vilified race in the nation, African Americans, 46 million and growing, spending $1.2 trillion annually and counting are without the most effective accountability imposing tool we can ill afford to be without, which is our own all-inclusive national news media representation.

    The integrated news media has been the proverbial “wolf in sheep’s clothes.” Rather than imposing the expected accountability on law enforcement in race matters, as the“The Big Cover-Up” video shows, these integrated news organizations have been knowingly supporting police misconduct when race is involved. It’s the unawareness of the news media’s complicity with police in race matters that’s at the heart of the unsolved race and social justice problem. Our video shows even the involvement of the black President didn’t stop the news media from knowingly covering up police misconduct based on race.

    We have been operating with our proverbial hands tied behind our backs, relying on marches and demonstrations to gain a less than sympathetic middleman news media’s attention to impact racial injustices for the last fifty years. Ironically, establishing our own all-inclusive national new media operation needs no demonstrations or court decisions or appeal to congressional action to put it in place. It just needs a plan, which we are now implementing, to make it happen. For those who might see this progress as threating they should be reminded, “a rising tide lifts all boats.”


    THE PLAN: The pilot, once produced, with corporate commercials spots showing it to be a sound business concept, will be streamed nationally via YouTube and Vimeo. One million shares offered at $200 a share with no individual allowed more than five shares.

    This allows us to raise $200 million to launch our 24-7 all-inclusive national cable news television network and 24-7 on-line news magazine with a potential opening viewership of a million partners owners/ viewers. We are not launching a blog, we’re launching a national news media cable television network to compete with the likes MSNBC, CNN, etc. Had we been in operation as a major news organization when that Sgt. Crowley Professor Gates travesty occurred exposing the cover-up, the mainstream news media would not have been able to get away with that travesty vilifying the black President and exalting the lying police officer.

    Size matters. In order to be effective and competitive with other major news organizations. Our all-inclusive editorial policy distinguishes us from the competition moving us from the sidelines to the forefront in the national news media arena. There is no reason why a forthright unbiased national news media operation can’t be the foremost all-inclusive national news operation in the nation.

    We’re offering a whole new way for black Americans to see ourselves, and how we will be perceived. No longer this weak helpless race relying on demonstrations as our go-to move to gain news media attention from a less than sympathetic middleman news media. We’re establishing our own all-inclusive national news media operation and the most empowering advancement for African Americans since integration and the success of the civil rights movement.