Yet The Big Cover-Up” video featuring Prof. Gates, Sgt. Crowley and President Obama shows being black meant Obama, despite being president, was not exempt from those in the mainstream news media, despite being integrated, continue their little known but widespread systemic racist editorial practice, of wittingly or unwittingly supporting the police in race and police encounters even when it includes illegal racist misconduct, as the video shows. This lack of news media accountability in race and police everyday encounters has persisted during these fifty years of integration of police departments and newsrooms and is at the root of the unsolved race and social justice problem. With their actions in this Gates Crowley, Obama affair the integrated mainstream news media showed the depth of this racist practice, literally saying to black Americans, even if you get to be President we’re still going to continue our racists practice of supporting the police in race and police encounters even if it includes illegal racist misconduct.

    The video shows us ( the only source that caught this news media racist in-your-face  action  directed at President Obama and by extension to all black Americans.  This is America’s news media’s best kept racist secret finally being exposed. We have the “police code of silence,” combined with no news media accountability in race and police encounters, plus the news media knowingly supporting police illegal misconduct in this race and police encounter as shown in the video. That reveals the racist permissive environment police have been operating under long before we get to the headline-grabbing police killings of unarmed blacks that has made the police killings predictable if not inevitable.          

    The irony is we are not exposing a racist conspiracy, it’s far more powerful than that. It’s the witting or unwitting systemic racist way of reporting so ingrained in the culture of the news media profession, it’s even news to many of the black and white news people themselves who are engaged in this racists practice, which will be a revelation to some of them once they watch “The Big Cover-Up” video. It’s a pre-integration custom and tradition that has persisted in the news media for these fifty integration years unknown and unchecked. It’s a racist practice that we can’t change directly.

    RACIAL ADVANCEMENT BEYOND WHAT’S BEEN ENVISIONED OR IMAGINED        Fortunately, what we can change, with this exposé, is fully revealing  this deep-seated racist news media practice and put in place this game-changing, obvious solution. Which is this integrated, all-inclusive, all-American, national cable news television network and 24-7 online news magazine imposing news media accountability in the everyday race and police encounters that’s  been missing. This is the critical racial advancement that the government can’t make happen that can only be achieved by us in the private sector. It begins with us raising $500.000.00 with our GoFundMe campaign to produce the pilot for this groundbreaking national cable Television news media network operation. 

    THE PILOT FOR THIS NEW NATIONAL TELEVISION NEWS MEDIA OPERATION                                                                 The remarkable little known story of fifty years as America’s best-kept news media’s racist secret that we have all missed during these year of integration will be fully exposed and explained in the ground-breaking-wake-up-call-pilot, which is the first step to justify the $200 million in investment capital required to launch this independent all-American, all-inclusive, national cable news television network. It will finally counter fifty years of the built-in systemic racism in the integrated mainstream news media no one knew was even going on, that we are finally exposing and most importantly, we’re now fixing.

    The main point and to be crystal clear, this cannot and will not be a black thing, which would be limiting, self-marginalizing and self-defeating, putting us right back where we are now. It must be what we have shown is missing, which is an independent all inclusive national cable television news media operation run without the built-in racist practices that  currently exist in the integrated mainstream news media that “The Big Cover-Up” video has exposed and proven is at the heart of the unsolved race and social justice problem making it the must-see video it is.

      NOT ALL BLACK FOLK WANT THIS RACIAL PROBLEM TO END                                  Let’s face it, this integrated racist problem has been going on for a long time. (fifty years) There are whole communities, industries, and careers that have been spawned and are now thriving, directly profiting from the existence of this racist problem and get contributions when these widely publicized racists’ flair-ups occur. They are not necessarily fans of a solution. As a famous defense attorney stated even while contributing to this project, “You know this is against my interests.” He was candidly saying that the success of this news media accountability imposing endeavor in race and police encounters would mean a smaller client base of wrongly arrested and abused black folks and less opportunity for defense attorneys pursuing this market. He’s saying, the success of this U.S.A. ThisWeek endeavor will reduce his client base. Not everyone wants this racist problem to end. Be aware, “not all slaves welcomed the Union troops.” Welcome to the real world.


    “America doesn’t love us back says” Doc Rivers. “It’s going to be a long time before we

    can feel equal as African Americans.” Lebron James. For these high-profile black professional  ball players resigned to this level of inequality and the sense that their best move is to make “black and proud” pronouncements, and wear signs on tee shirts and face masks. These are the kind of people that need to see  “The Big Cover-Up video. It should be on all of their must-see video check-off list. As we have shown, this news media problem has escaped the awareness of our best and brightest thinkers, writers, historians,  activists comics, etc.  In the meantime this gamechanger is here waiting for support to be put in place

    The enormity of this news media racist problem has to be understood and addressed by an equally far-reaching solution, which the establishment of this all-inclusive national news media operation embodies. We are fortunate as a  nation and a race that this racist news media problem has been identified and we have the  opportunity to finally   put in place what’s missing. These black pro ball players  are in the most straight  forward position with no conflict of interests  like my attorney friend described having.

    We are sharing this  news media game changer of unprecedented advancement and empowerment with those who think making speeches and wearing signs on tee shirts and face-masks is the extent of what they can do to address the unsolved race and social justice problem. Protests and demonstrations are no substitute for the lack of news media accountability in race and police encounters and that’s the little known awareness we’re bringing to the forefront and the solution we’re putting in place.    

     As a race, we have been operating with our proverbial hands tied behind our backs, relying on marches and demonstrations to gain news media’s attention to impact racial injustices for the last fifty integration years. We’re establishing this all-inclusive national new media operation that will finally be done the right way by including news media accountability in race and police encounters. This needs no demonstrations or court decisions or appeals for congressional action to make it happen. This advancement can only be achieved by us in the private sector. This is the most empowering real advancement for African Americans since integration and the success of the civil rights movement. This is the kind of answer and solution that goes to heart of the problem that those unprecedented “George Floyd” crowds were looking for.