CAUGHT – “The Big Cover Up”


The only thing worse than finding out we have been working on everything but the root of the unsolved race and social justice problem while it continues unknown, unchecked, and undeterred is not finding out about it at all.  Finally, we’re exposing the root of this unsolved race and social justice problem and implementing the obvious solution.  

Thanks to camera phones and YouTube, we know the integrated police departments haven’t ended their abusive racists practices in race and police encounters. What we did not know, which “The Big Cover-Up” video (above) reveals, is that the mainstream news media, despite being integrated, also hasn’t ended their little-known pre-integrated racist practice of supporting the police in race and police encounters. They even knowingly cover up police misconduct in cases involving race, the most notable example is in “The Big Cover-Up” video, (above) showing even the black President was not exempt from this news media racist practice. These revelations are the key to us effectively addressing this unsolved race and social justice problem.    

The combination of the police “code of silence” and the integrated news media’s “unwritten rule” of supporting the police in race and police encounters is the built-in layer of non-accountability and permissiveness that exist that police enjoy of which few of the rest of us are even aware. It’s  the freedom police feel they have and often take when dealing with black Americans, which is long before we get to the unjustified police killings of unarmed blacks. This is the news media look-the-other-way permissive environment supporting the police in race and police encounters that makes the unjustified killings of unarmed blacks predictable if not inevitable.


That’s what makes “The Big Cover-Up” video so critical and informative because in one classic incident it shows the entire racially integrated news media collectively engaged in their little-known racist practice of knowingly covering up an incident of police misconduct in a case all about race that included the involvement of the black President. It totally exposes the extent of the little known systemic racist news media practice of supporting the police in race and police encounters and not being deterred by the involvement of President Obama. The video shows both black and white cop’s participating in the cover-up even as they express their resentment toward President Obama. 

Make no mistake, but for this video the integrated news media’s practice of knowingly supporting police misconduct in race and police encounters would remain the nations best kept news media’s racist secret, which is at the root of the long unsolved race and social justice problem.

Actually, the involvement of the first black President elevated the visibility of this blatant racist incident to a level making it the ultimate racist awareness barometer. In other words, few can claim being unaware of the incident. Everyone in the arena saw the elephant in the room, it’s just a matter of checking  the record of their individual responses as the drama unfolded to see what was their response at the time.

The incident in the video involved the first black President in the first race and police incident in his first year in office, which means all news media eyes were on this story. Two news host, Anderson CooperThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Andeson-Cooper-And-Greta.jpg  of CNN and Greta Van Susteren of Fox News, initially gave the story straight forward news coverage exposing Sgt. Crowley lying on his police report. In his recorded  911 conversation heard in his own voice, “suitcases” by the dispatcher became  “backpacks” and “Hispanics” became “black males” in his written report.  Crowley’s entire police report is replete with other documented lies to justify his illegal arrest. (Showing consciousness of guilt.) 

In order for the cover-up to be successful, the entire mainstream news media had to ignore the lies and police cover-up exposed on national television and simply do what they do in race and police encounters. Once the story shifted to the police being resentful of the black President’s criticism of the police acting “stupidly,” that became the only narrative pushed by those in the news media. That included Fox News, MSNBC and CNN. It was a total integrated mainstream news media team effort.

This left the black president unjustifiably vilified and Sgt. Crowley, who had lied and filed a false police report, was portrayed by the news media as the aggrieved maligned  American  This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is BeerSummit.jpghero. This compelled Obama to invite the lying Sgt. Crowley to the Whitehouse for that infamous Beer Summit.   

The point here is not to cast aspersions at individuals in the news media who wittingly or unwittingly participated in this cover-up and are part of this press and police complicity. It’s to show the extent of the practice and the problem.  Between “the code of silence” in law enforcement and “The Big Cover-Up” video showing how the news media knowingly supports police misconduct in race and police encounters, it shows the little known permissive environment police have been enjoying in their race and police encounters. “The Big Cover-Up” video shows, the integrated news media is like the “wolf in sheep’s clothing” or the “fox guarding the henhouse.” Consequently, there is no awareness  of this underlying  source of the problem.

Watching Racism In The News Media At Work (real-time details)

It puts things in context to see the news people who were around during the Gates Crowley incident  and who found it unimportant to call out this obvious injustice. The video shows black cops on the scene adhering to the “code of silence” and black reporters for CNN, Don Lemon and T.J. Holmes, trotted out by CNN to conduct subsequent interviews, redirecting the news story away from Sgt. Crowley’s already revealed false police report. Their news story angle being police resentment of the “unjustified” criticism of police by the black President.

 Colin Powell and Juan Williams (both black) assured the America in separate nationally televised interviews that the presence of black officers means there was no racial misconduct. Which is disproved in the video. Stephen A Smith would be surprised to learn he too was susceptible to being among the misinformed regarding the continued integrated racist police practices. It’s all there in the video. The point is this is not a racist conspiracy among those in the news media.  It’s much stronger than that as an unwritten editorial approach.  The power of the “unwritten rule” in the news media is as strong as the code of silence is with police.   

This new media support of police in race and police encounters is a deep systemic problem that’s not going to fix itself from within.  In other words, until we put in place our own all-inclusive national news media operation to monitor and expose both police and press we remain marginalized without national news media representation. Until we do, nothing’s going to change.    


That brings us to the obvious solution. The launch of our all-inclusive 24-7 national cable news television network will give black Americans national news media representation for the first time in history.  It begins with our $500,000 minimum “GoFundMe” campaign to produce the pilot. Once produced, with corporate commercials showing it to be a sound business concept, the pilot will be streamed nationally via YouTube and other social media platforms.  In other words, not only is this a sound business concept but we’re finally fixing the last remaining institutional racial inequality since the civil rights movement  of 46.2 million African Americans no longer without national news media representation and news media accountability in race and police encounters moving us to full participation in society.   


The story of fifty years as America’s best-kept news media’s racist secret will be fully exposed and explained in the pilot to justify the $200 million in investment capital required to launch this 24-7 all-American, all-inclusive, national cable news television network. It will finally counter fifty years of the built-in systemic racism in the integrated mainstream news media of which few are even aware, and that we are finally exposing and more importantly, also fixing.
The main point and to be crystal clear, this cannot and will not be a black thing, which would be self-marginalizing and self-defeating, putting us right back where we are now. It must be the all inclusive national cable television news media operation run without the built-in racist practices, which currently exist in the integrated mainstream news media that the video has shown and proven is at the heart of the unsolved race and social justice problem. A change is coming.


 Support our $500,000 minimum “GoFundMe” campaign to produce the pilot.








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