Monday, December 17, 2018



This is the long awaited logical next step in our progress as a race and America as a nation. We are presenting a concept whose success means African Americans advancing to unprecedented empowerment and full participation in the society. This also means being able to impose accountability where it has never been and taking national news media in America to a whole new level. Launching this all-inclusive national news media project is the obvious solution to this longstanding race and social justice problem, which is in the interests of most Americans to happen.

We say most because it has become increasingly apparent that besides the haters, there are others not as supportive of this empowering development for African Americans.  The philanthropic community working the race issue of donors and recipients appears to have more of an interest in things staying just the way they are.  We see more of a commitment to that “give a man a fish versus teach a man to fish,” or “a hand out versus a hand up” approach with this group of people. If that’s the reality, that means the haters and our purported helpers are working the same side of the street, which is the ultimate irony.

To be clear, ours goal is an all-inclusive national news media concept that prioritizes including the interest and concerns of African Americans being no longer marginalized without national news media representation. This translates into having the most relevant and reality-based national news media operation in America. It’s definitely more relevant, progressive and solution based than the mainstream news media with its tradition and practice of deferring to law enforcement in race matters and more insidiously of knowingly supporting police misconduct when race is involved. While this does not happen in every instance it occurs often enough to show it’s as real a practice in the news media as the code of silence is in law enforcement, which we document in “The Big Cover-Up.”

The centerpiece of our $50,000 business plan is the production of our news day television pilot. This being such a novel, liberating concept, it will give both potential investors and everyone else a full news-day televised example of the kind of game-changing all-inclusive news operation America needs and has been waiting for. It’s left to share this with those who see their interests being served with the launch of an all-inclusive national news media concept that includes empowering black Americans with national news media representation.

We are sharing a perspective with those protesting against the flag and national anthem showing it’s tantamount to conceding ownership of our American symbols to the haters who were carrying their flags in Charleston. Conversely, we’re not conceding the news media arena to others without having a team of our own on the field. We are entitled to exercise our free press rights to the extent that we can have the leading all-inclusive national news media operation in America.

Seeing in “The Big Cover-Up” the degree to which this police and press complicity is a tradition and practice in the profession is why we’re confident not only can we compete we can excel. An all-inclusive national news media organization that prioritizes including the interests and concerns of African Americans is a more responsible, relevant and credibility establishing approach.

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