CAUGHT – “The Big Cover Up”


    The ultimate justification to establish our own national news media operation.

    The video you won’t see anywhere else showing the mainstream news media in their tradition and practice of knowingly covering up police misconduct in race matters not even exempting the black President of The United States.

    Knowingly covering up police misconduct when race is involved does not happen in every instance but often enough to show it’s as real a tradition and practice in the news media as the code of silence is in law enforcement.

    Besides the obvious common sense reason that the most visible, vilified and victimized race in America is without our own national news media operation, if more justification is needed to establish our own national news media operation, this incident is exhibit “A.”

    This chapter and verse exposé is not the result of some exhaustive investigative reporting complete with leaks and whistleblowers. Not in the least, this is a simple compilation of what appeared on national television during the case involving Professor Gates, Sgt. Crowley and President Obama that deceived the whole nation. We simply compiled the televised news reports showing the police and press complicity that left the black president unjustifiably vilified and Sgt. Crowley, who had lied and filed a false police report, inexcusably declared an aggrieved American hero.

    Most revealing were the news people presumably supportive of President Obama who remained mute as this travesty unfolded. Rachel Maddow, Chris Mathews, Mica Brzezinski, Joe Scarborough were all sitting in their anchor chairs certainly seeing what we saw but never uttering an opposing word. Or maybe the racist practice is so ingrained the obvious injustice didn’t seem noteworthy. Displaying even fewer profiles in courage were the liberal journalist to whom Obama extended exclusive interviews so they could author books on his Presidency: Jonathan Alter, Richard Wolf and Bob Woodard. Then there’s Chuck Todd, David Gregory of MSNBC who were Whitehouse correspondents at the time. The list is endless, of journalist and reporters who zoned in on the high profile controversy because of the involvement of the first black President, but who went along with the racist police and press complicity that unfolded.

    Our video shows how easily the news can be manipulated when there is no countering news media operation to expose the police and press complicity and keep them honest. It’s called accountability, which is the missing ingredient that will be in place with having our own all-inclusive  national news media operation.

    Not to be overlooked is the discerning awareness and insight demonstrated in our capturing this racist travesty as it unfolded from beginning to end. We also show how to cover a story without editorializing, letting the facts speak for themselves. This shows exactly the requirements needed for a news media organization designed to set new tell-it-like-it-is standards.

    Our exposé doesn’t stop there. The video debunks longstanding news media perpetuated racial myths that have gone unchallenged, embraced by both black and white Americans. These misperceptions are part of the whole integrated make-believe world that has evolved allowing these racist injustices to prevail.

    Extending this existing lack of accountability to its deadly conclusion, the periodic killing of unarmed black males is the natural and inevitable fatal outcome of this little known unchallenged racist police and press complicitous culture. The impunity is made complete by widely embraced uncontested racial myths and misperceptions that blacks in law enforcement and the news media insures against racist practices in these professions.

    This culture has left a whole nation misguided with blacks equally susceptible to these erroneous beliefs and also participating wittingly or unwittingly in various levels of the problem. Thus besides the video revealing this whole racist sociological phenomenon, it makes clear without our own national news media device in place with the special insights and awareness we bring able to expose this stuff, these offenses will continue unchecked.

    The other all-star misguided cast of this exposé are prominent black spokespeople from disparate ends of the spectrum, Colin Powell, Juan Williams, sportscaster Stephen A. Smith and Pulitzer Prize winner Eugene Robinson on the Editorial Board of the Washington Post. They all exhibited the same level of naiveté and being misinformed regarding the myth of the presence of blacks in law enforcement and the news media insures against the occurrences of racist offenses. They showed another example of the long-term impact of the absence of the kind of news operation we are introducing.

    The question is who can watch this body of irrefutable evidence of this structural systemic racial news media inequality, its undeniable consequences and choose not to support this timely solution? In any case, it remains our responsibility to figure out how to make sure this problem is clearly communicated and reaches enough supporters to make this happen. That’s the mission to which we remain unconditionally committed.