Monday, December 17, 2018

THE BIG COVER UP: Law Enforcement

Law enforcement is a profession that around the world attracts a lot more than those who simply want “to protect and serve.” It’s the one occupation, other than the military, that allows one to engage in anti-social behavior (killing, brutalizing, bullying people, etc.) with societal approval.

We don’t know the number or variety of ulterior mindsets that have worked their way into the profession. However, from the innate bullies, those needing a gun for validation, to the garden-variety racists, you can’t exclude individuals with various negative self-serving agendas.  Add the traditional visible and vilified target group, black males, and you have, for those with agendas other than “to protect and serve, “a virtual impunity-laced target-rich playground for their indulgence.

Probably the most naive assertion by those wanting not to offend the entire department, “it’s just a few bad apples,” is the toast of bad cops around the nation, the greatest recruiting cover for every “bad  apple” out there. The gratuitous contention fails to recognize the whole barrel-contaminating factor, which is the “code of silence.” How can good cops be good and knowingly support the bad cop’s misconduct with their silence? Who’s being served with this set up, certainly not the American people  when we avoid facing this truth?  The “code” is the key that must be addressed. Accountability is the factor that must be imposed.

When integrating, police departments did not hire a bunch of Martin Luther King Jr’s. The reality is blacks internalizing “how do we do things around here to get ahead” are the ones likely to advance. To believe racial crusading black police officers are the ones promoted to sergeants and police chiefs would be a naive assumption contrary to demonstrated reality.

The popular misconception is that the integration of these institutions–law enforcement and the mainstream news media–insured against them continuing their traditional racist practices.  Putting black people in various career positions of authority with the presumption that they will do right by their black brethren is one of the biggest myths and misconceptions serving as the premise for many a misguided decision and programs. Clarence Thomas just happens to be the most notable example of a black person in power engaging in racially counterproductive actions.

“THE BIG COVER UP” video shows the entire mainstream news media knowingly supporting a lying police officer against the black President of the United States.  Everyone missed this travesty including President Obama and his people despite it having been played out on national television. The black AG Eric Holder apparently missed it or felt powerless to address it. Being the only news entity in the nation that not only caught this police and press farce but also documented the police and press complicity, shows our competence in monitoring these traditional racist practices and validates us being indispensable as the appropriate national news media operation for this mission.


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