Thursday, May 28, 2020


Racial bias in the news media is difficult to prove particularly since the news media is not going to confess or admit to the practice. Even more difficult is to show the long term effect of news media driven racial bias in having even black people buying into the myths promoted by the unchallenged  news media, chief among them being that the presence of blacks in law enforcement insures against police abuse based on race. To have a video that presents conclusive evidence of racial bias in the news media, of blacks buying into the myths to include blacks in the news media also engaged in the same racist practices, is like coming up with the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Nevertheless, that’s exactly what we have here. Make no mistake, the one entity that has been engaged in racist practices with impunity is the mainstream news media. Now that we have provided conclusive evidence in the video above, of this police and press complicity,  it makes it clear  African Americans can’t afford to be without this  rectifying new national news media operation we are launching to put an end to this racist practice.



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