An All-inclusive National News Media Concept And $500,000 To Change The Course Of History


    Our recent Press Release (announcing our crowdfunding campaign to produce a multimedia business plan for an African American National Cable News Television Network) did not tell the whole story. The problem is far more complex than the most visible, vilified and victimized race in America not having our own national new media representation.

    The mainstream news media engages in this little know racist tradition and practice of knowingly supporting police misconduct in race matters, which we expose in a video involving President Obama. While it doesn’t happen in every instance, it happens often enough to show it’s as real a practice in the news media as the code of silence is in law enforcement. If the black President wasn’t exempt, this means the entire food chain is vulnerable. Click here to View  The Big Cover Up.” video that shows this news media police and press complicity caught in action

    This shows how an unchallenged news media is able to convince even the most sophisticated among us into buying into self-defeating racist myths. Notables in our video exposé include The Washington Post Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Eugene Robinson, Stephen A Smith, Colin Powell, and Juan Williams. To raise their own personal awareness, they all owe it to themselves to watch “The Big Cover Up,” video featuring Professor Gates, Sgt. James Crowley and President Obama.

    Once these men, and anyone else, views this exposé they will see how wittingly or unwittingly they supported a blatant case of the news media knowingly supporting racist police misconduct and subsequently the media unjustifiably discredited the black President.  In fairness, we will share this email and video link with these men who certainly didn’t have ulterior intentions. Conversely, CNN’s Anderson Cooper, John King and Don Lemon should be prepared to explain their roles in the cover-up. It’s all their in the video.

    Most important, the video exposé eliminates any doubt regarding the existence of this police and press complicity  in race and police encounters.   As a race, it shows our complete vulnerability in not having news media protection, nor the means to counter the police and press complicity we have worked to expose. Welcome to the real world, which we are about to change with your participation in our “gofundme” campaign.