Here’s the jaw-dropping eye-opener. The silence of the good people to which Martin Luther King Jr. described, can’t top the self-inflicted harm we black folks have been doing to ourselves . The Big Cover-Up” video shows how we’ve been fooling ourselves during these fifty years of integration with “integration delusion,” defined as thinking that with integration the press and police ended their traditional racist practices. That, despite the real-life evidence to the contrary showing the racist practices of news organizations throughout the nation to which so many are oblivious. (More of these news media incidents will be documented in the pilot.) Fortunately, “The Big Cover-Up” video  shows black cops and black reporters literally contorting themselves to go along with the systemic racist practice of their professions.

    However, even more revealing is the video showing the late Colin Powel and Juan Williams, these high profile prominent black men on national television assuring the American people that the presence of these black cops means no racist offense occurred. We also show  Stephen A. Smith with the best intentions adamantly denouncing Professor Gates in support of the lying Sgt. Crowley. Ironically, it’s the involvement of the black President that had everyone  speaking for the record and it’s all  documented and it’s here for all to see. The good, the bad, and the unfortunate.

    This turned out to be the proverbial tip of the iceberg, showing black Americans at all levels being unaware of this news media’s tradition and practice of supporting the police in race and police encounters. It will be interesting to see the response of all of these knowing black folks on the subject of the unsolved race and social justice problem. Colin Powel set a great high character example in going back and apologizing for being wrong and misleading on the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Unfortunately, he is no longer with us but we don’t doubt he would hasten to correct his mistake in the Gates Crowley Obama affair had he been made aware of his error. 

     Stephen A Smith, is also known for publicly correcting his mistakes. In his customary emphatic delivery, he adamantly and erroneously denounced Prof. Gates in support of the lying Sgt. Crowley.  However, in Stephen A being unaware of this press and police complicity in race and police matters, he’s in the company of our greatest writers and historians. “Integration delusion” is the best explanation we can offer for the reason that not even one of our most notable and brilliant authors, writers, and thinkers have recognized this racist news media support of police in race and police encounters in their works. Going all the way back to James Baldwin, Maya Angelou, Toni Morrison, and up to current day famous black authors like, Alice Walker, Kendi X, and Ta-Nehisi Coates, no exceptions. Even though they try to cover all aspects of racism in all of its mutations in their works. The systemic racist no-accountability practice in the integrated news media in race and police encounters that’s been going on for fifty integration years as graphically revealed in “The Big Cover-Up” video is nowhere in any of their writings or speeches. That makes the video the ultimate “smoking gun” showing this editorial practice in the integrated news media that omits news media accountability in race and police encounters has escaped them all, which we’re finally exposing. This is also an opportunity for Stephen A to correct his error.  

    As we continue to check and reflect, we find ourselves on the proverbial island, as the only source of this racist systemic breakthrough revelation. We don’t intend to be alone on this island much longer. It’s like solving the ultimate cold case file. It’s not only the writers that are clueless about this news media racist problem. From Spike Lee to Jay Z, from Chris Rock to Dave Chappelle, in reviewing the works of our noted, writers, rappers, comics, playwriters, this major news media racist problem has eluded the awareness of every level of intellectual endeavors and street knowledge amongst us from President Obama on down, which we continue to reveal. That’s what makes “The Big Cover-Up” video must-see-video, which is the ultimate exposé. There’s a whole nation of black and white folks to be informed. However, writing about it is not enough, which makes the video critical for those that have to see it to believe it.   
    Right now, we are apparently the only hope to expose and fix this racist problem as we move forward. Even our high profile black history professors at these major universities who regularly appear on national television, presumed to be the authorities on racism in all of its overt and subtle forms, Dr. Cornel West, Harvard, Eddie Glide Princeton, Michael Eric Dyson Vanderbilt. Nowhere in their works or numerous television appearances have they shown awareness of this lack of news media accountability in race and police encounters that’s at the heart of the unsolved race and social justice problem. It goes to show the uniqueness of this revelation and how fortunate we are as a race that someone finally caught this thing. Now, on to the real  solution.