Monday, December 17, 2018





Never has a social movement required so little to achieve so much for so many.



Even if you only have four, forty or four hundred twitter followers a retweet can turn it into a powerful platform to convey a message allowing us to achieve with a tweet what other major social movements required court decisions, marches, and demonstrations not to mention the bloodshed and loss of life. It’s almost laughable to think that by simply retweeting our 280 character tweets thousands or millions of your followers will become aware and able to participate in the most significant advancement for African Americans since the success of the civil rights movement.

That’s what makes our GoFundMe fundraising campaign the ideal funding source for us to raise the necessary minimum $50,000   to produce our television pilot to show potential investors what this all-inclusive national cable news television network will look like. It consists of a 24/7 cable news television network and a 24/7 online news magazine giving black Americans national news media representation for the first time in history.  We flirted with Indiegogo with an elaborate plan counting on participants to get involved by donating $20 from each and then recruiting others to donate the same.

We dispensed with that concept seeing it was too demanding of people and Indiegogo seemed to be a crowdfunding platform more compatible with new devices and product versus social causes. With GoFundMe we have a goal of $50,000 and participants/supporters can donate as much or as little as they choose.   The uniqueness of the concept is what makes the television news day pilot necessary to dispel all speculation and guesses on exactly what this all-inclusive national cable news television network looks like.

All-inclusive means we are not limiting or marginalizing ourselves by being a black news organization about black people. We are going to compete with the other major news organizations covering the same national and international news with the distinct competitive advantage of including what they have been omitting, which is the interest and concerns of African Americans and its relative impact on society. Making us the most informative of the national news media organizations in that we will not be imposing this artificial separation of relevant facts as related to racial relevancy to the story

Perhaps, what’s even more at stake is the perspective and mentality we are introducing by example to African Americans. With this endeavor, we are showing black Americans there is no reason we can’t be the leading news media operation in America. News operations are about the dissemination of information, which is a matter of choice and selection. “The Big Cover-Up” video shows in real time how the mainstream news media decides what to report and how they manipulate the news, particularly as it relates to African Americans.

This is far more than just a good idea. We have produced a video showing how critical it is for us to have our own national news media operation, the ability to impose accountability where it has never been and how news media exposure works as a deterrent to abuse of power and authority.  “The Big Cover Up”video is exhibit “A” showing a classic incident of the news media knowingly covering up police misconduct in a case involving the black President.

Black Americans have always conceded the national news media arena to white America, which is understandable but unacceptable particularly since we have exposed the mainstream news media’s tradition and practice of deferring to law enforcement in race matters. We hasten to add, while this police and press complicity does not happen in every instant, it’s often enough to show it’s as real a tradition  in the news media as the code of silence is in law enforcement.  For those who never imagined black Americans having our own national news media operation, it shows that we can actually have an all-inclusive leading national news media operation America has needed and has been waiting for.

By sharing this concept of unprecedented empowerment for black Americans with Twitter and Facebook groups with followers large and small and the other social media platforms, we can present this never seen before opportunity for black Americans to finally have our own national news media representation. This converts those social media participants who often express their concern and frustration on racial injustices to real unprecedented effective empowerment and advances us as a race to full participation in the society.

For a race that excels in so many areas, the news media arena is the one key power base, with life and death consequences, in which we have yet to establish our own national news media presence and representation. More importantly, this allows us to impose accountability and address the race and social justice problem that has defied a solution up until now. By having our own national news media operation we no longer have to demonstrate for news media attention as our only option to try to bring about change.

Let’s be clear, integration has certainly contributed to our tremendous advancement. However, it has also been misleading in having people believing that the presence of blacks in law enforcement and the news media insures against racist offenses being engaged in those professions. Quite the opposite, career advancement supersedes racial crusading, which is glaringly illustrated in “The Big Cover Up” video. This is a concept whose time has come.

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