A Whole New Perspective


Nothing shows the necessity for this national news media representation more than the biggest group of beneficiaries of the civil rights movement, professional black athletes, seeming to think this is as good as it gets for us as a race. It’s like “even though I’m super rich I’m still a …”

There is no shortage of commitment and compassion on the part of some of our rich and famous to include the national anthem protesters and other high profile professional athletes. That’s why it’s so important we share our sense of entitlement and assert our rights as American citizens to use the available tools the constitution offers for us to become full participants in this society.

No one expressed this resignation more explicitly than LeBron James’ well-intended and widely publicized contention that it’s going to be a long time before we can feel equal as African Americans,” his reaction to his LA garage door being spray-painted with the “N” word. We offer this observation. Any black person waiting for a kumbaya from all the “haters” before they can feel equal as African Americans are relegating themselves to a permanent case of a racial inferiority complex.

In Carmelo Anthony’s ESPY group-speech statement asserting the “system is broken,” he introduced yet another resigned misguided concept into the equation. We give him credit for at least identifying the area needing to be addressed. This is where civic lesson 101 comes in. It’s called the right of a “free press” in the first amendment of the constitution giving the citizens the ability to monitor and expose those in authority to protect against them engaging in excesses and or abuses. Broken is our failure to understand how the system works, identifying the missing ingredient, which is our own national news media representation impacting our advancement and putting it in place, which is exactly what we are about to make happen. It’s like a guy claiming the car is broke because it needs gas. We recommend reading the service manual, which in this case is known as the constitution.

It’s clear we are bringing a perspective of entitlement to the equation that recognizes and is implementing our right as black Americans to have our own national news media operation. Conversely, that does not mean we plan to marginalize or limit ourselves by being a black news operation about black people. That’s not how the world or America works. This is not a white or black country, it’s white and black, consequently, the most accurate reporting of the news will reflect that reality, making sure the interests, issues, and concerns of black folks are all-inclusive and not isolated from the overall picture. More than ever we need this independent forward thinking all-inclusive national news media operation in place considering the irresponsible incompetent guy in the White House who apparently is more loyal to Russia and Vladimir Putin. It appears his goal is to make “Russia great again” at the expense of all of our democratic institutions most importantly being the news media.