Tuesday, December 18, 2018

THE BIG COVER UP: Black America

This is a wake-up call and a heads up on our status as black Americans in this society from the black President of the United States on down. If there is any group that should reinvest in seeing that the completion of the “Civil rights movement” is realized in finally establishing our own national news media operation, it would be those who have most generously benefited from its success and who will only profit further going forward. “A rising tide lifts all boat.”

It’s clear that we are bringing a different perspective of entitlement to the equation that recognizes our rights and obligation as African Americans to exercise all the rights extended to us as citizens. Chief among them and the one waiting for us to implement is the first amendment right of a free press. We are committed to continue to educate as we persist in this liberating empowering endeavor.  Our objective is to correct this racial news media inequality and our mission is to establish national news media representation for black Americans for the first time in history. We are confident there are many black and white Americans that share our sentiment who, if they were aware of it, would find the existing racial news media inequality unacceptable.

Let’s be clear, our goal is an all-inclusive national news media concept that prioritizes including the interests and concerns of African Americans.  With national news media representation, we will no longer be marginalized.  If we are covering the same news-worthy national and international events but including a whole body of relevant racial information, the others have been downplaying, ignoring or dismissing, what news source is more likely to prevail and be in demand?  Would it be the biased abridged version or the unbiased comprehensive report?  This translates into us having the most relevant and reality-based national news media operation in America. It will definitely be more relevant, progressive and fair than the mainstream news media with its tradition and practice of deferring to law enforcement in race matters and more insidiously of knowingly supporting police misconduct when race is involved.  Although this does not happen in every instance, it happens often enough to show its as real a practice in the news media as the code of silence is in law enforcement and we have the perfect video proof.

Unprecedented empowerment, the ability to impose accountability where it has never been, no longer being a marginalized race in the society; there are more than a few black and white Americans who will undoubtedly find these advancements appealing. People feeling they have no alternative but to march and demonstrate for news media attention regarding various racial issues has become the perceived only option as a result of this long-term news media void.  Having our own news media means the need to demonstrate to gain news media attention recedes when we have our own national news media representation for the first time in history.  This is the salvation to Roger Goodell and the NFL’s players’ clueless national anthem quandary.

As a race, what we have been doing so far is a repetition of what we have been doing since the success of the civil rights movement, still marching and demonstrating as the ultimate means to protest against injustice. Even the tweeting and Instagramming is more venting and expressing discontent than putting mechanisms or devices in place to bring about real change.

Holding police and community seminars, the premise being the police will get to know members of the community and vice versa, thereby making for better police and community relationships has been going on for years. Periodically, the justice department and the FBI  conduct these seminars around the country. This police “get to know the community drill” is not new. Meanwhile, the police killings of unarmed black males continue uninterrupted with alarming regularity.

The recent revelations of these law enforcement racist killings via camera phones and YouTube has resulted in new attention being directed at this race and police problem but no new solutions. President Obama generated over $600  million to his “My Brother’s Keeper” Initiative.  Michael Jordan, the poster child for black superstars remaining silent on race matters, was recently prompted to speak up and made a $2 million donation to the cause.  He reportedly donated $1 million each to a police charity and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, saying “I can no longer stay silent.” There are other high profile professional athletes now speaking up highlighted by the ESPY speech delivered by LeBron James, Chris Paul, Dwayne Wade and Carmelo Anthony. Not to be ignored are the some WNBA players engaging in their own demonstrations.

Interestingly, the key to the whole solution is being partially approached with the introduction of body cameras for some police departments. In other words, this is all about accountability. With the long-standing little-known tradition and practice of the news media knowingly supporting law enforcement misconduct in race matters the element of accountability is virtually absent. If you have members of the police department covering for the “bad apples” due to the “code of silence” and the news media being equally supportive, it’s a dream world for the bad cops, with an impunity free playground. That’s the real world as it now stands.  But that’s about to change with the launch of this new all-inclusive national news media operation.

We are attempting to break through some serious obstructive mindsets. To produce our multimedia business plan with its television news-day pilot, we need to expose this endeavor as widely as possible to reach those Americans that can see the logic. It’s all about the numbers. There are plenty of black and white Americans with open minds.  It should be just a matter of time before we generate the minimal required $50,000 to produce our television news day pilot that few have envisioned or imagined.  However, once the television news day pilot is complete the final $200 million should be a walk over in comparison to the business plan stage and here’s why.

A high production television news-day pilot introducing the kind of little-known awareness raising facts comparable to those revealed in “The Big Cover-Up” that not only shows we know what we are doing but shows we know what the other news organizations are doing in misinforming the American people. In addition, we will have paid major advertisers demonstrating the soundness of this business concept. The news day pilot will be aired nationally on YouTube and other streaming platforms made available to black churches and other organizations. Continuing with our “People Power” template we anticipate a ready reception to acquire the 1 million shares at $200 each and a maximum of 5 shares for any one individual.

That means the news operation itself will start out with a potentially substantial built-in audience of conscious aware owner/investors  converting this heretofore untapped power base into real power. No longer marginalized on the sidelines frustrated seeing various injustices being ignored, downplayed and dismissed with no attention given to those racial issues. A long-awaited change is coming.


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