To Be Equal We Must Step-Up And Act Equal




    It’s the last remaining institutional racial inequality since the success of the civil rights movement. The most visible and vilified race in the nation, 46 million African Americans and growing, spending $1.2 trillion annually and counting are without national news media representation. This puts in perspective the transition of mindsets among blacks that evolved with the success of the civil rights  This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Civil-rights.jpgmovement and integration, which led to this self-imposed institutional racial inequality.


    Following the success of the civil rights movement and the opening of widespread economic and political opportunity,  the general sentiment among black folks went from a collective sense of “we’re all in this together” to “every man for himself.”  Blacks began getting jobs and careers they never envisioned, political offices and appointments they never imagined. It was as if money was thrown in the air “making it rain” and black folks scattered. And it became all about the “Benjamins.”

    The one business black entrepreneurs avoided like the plague was the news media arena. This was due to the misguided fear of being unable to gain major advertising for a national news media operation giving black Americans national news media representation.

    Bob Johnson founder of BET became the very successful poster child for avoiding the news media arena and establishing a national entertainment media operation serving the black American market. Magic Johnson and Sean Combs have since reportedly launched national television entertainment networks for the black market.

    Another factor making a national news media operation assuring black Americans national news media representation seem unnecessary has been the integration of the mainstream news media giving the misleading impression, black faces means black American news media representation. The editorial direction of a news organization is determined by the owners of the organization, not by the staff’s ethnicity. 

    As described earlier,  46 million and growing spending $1.2 trillion annually and counting is a market base no major advertiser can afford to ignore, not to mention the millions of white Americans supportive of racial equality.  That self-defeating thinking has left black Americans without the most effective tool to impose accountability, particularly in race and police encounters. it’s also left a major power base unoccupied and a tremendous business opportunity waiting to be pursued. 

    All-inclusive” is the key – meaning we are not going to marginalize ourselves all over again by being a 24-7 black national cable news television network version of Jet, Ebony or BET. Our all-inclusive enlightened editorial approach will cover the same national news the majors cover but include the issues, interests, and concerns of black Americans, which other news organizations have been omitting. This gives us a competitive advantage over the major news entities in that we will have a more relevant and comprehensive report of events. Most important, we will include accountability where it has never been.

    “The Big Cover Up” video is required viewing because it shows this is not just about filling a national news media void.  The mainstream news media has this little known tradition and practice of deferring toThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Obama-and-Crawley-1.png  law enforcement in race and police encounters.  It often knowingly covers up police misconduct when race is involved, which happened in “The Big Cover Up” video. This featured the Sgt. Crowley Professor Gates  Obama affair in which the news media knowingly supported a racist illegal police cover-up despite the involvement of President Obama. 

    The launch of our all-inclusive 24-7 national cable news television network will give black Americans national news media representation for the first time in history. It’s spearheaded by our $500,000 minimum “GoFundMe” campaign to produce the pilot. Once produced, with corporate commercials showing it to be a sound self-sustaining business concept, it will be aired and streamed nationally via YouTube and other social media platforms.  The story of fifty years as America’s best-kept news media’s racist secret will be fully exposed and explained in the pilot to justify the $200 million in investment capital required to launch this all-American, all-inclusive, national cable news television network.