It’s the last remaining major institutional racial inequality since the success of the civil rights movement. The most visible and vilified race in the nation, 46 million African Americans and growing, spending $1.2 trillion annually and counting are without this basic layer of national news media accountability protection in race and police encounters, which is at the root of the unsolved race and social justice problem.  

    With integration, came  spectacular advancements collectively and individually, economically and politically. People gained jobs and careers few had imagined, political appointments and positions few had envisioned. 46.8 million African Americans currently have an annual buying power of $1.6 trillion, equivalent to the 12th largest nation in the world and growing. According to Forbes we have 7 black billionaires and close to two million African American millionaires (1.67 million). Plus we even had a black President. Yet the unsolved race and social justice problem continues alive and well and the key to its persistence and solution remains unknown.


    Despite the progress from integration, camera phones and YouTube show these racist police abusive practices have continued. Even in the George Floyd murder case two of the four officers involved were minority. However, what has not been shown during these fifty years of integration is video evidence of the racist role of the integrated news media  supporting the police in race and police encounters as shown in The Big Cover-Up” video. This one breakthrough video  reveals the little known lack of news media accountability in race and police encounters and the permissive environment that police have been operating under since integration, making their racist excesses and abuses predictable if not inevitable. It’s just that simple.

    The Gates, Crowley, Obama, affair, documented in the video is the ultimate revelation of this racist news media  practice of the integrated mainstream news media. Most importantly, it shows the missing layer  of news media accountability in race and police encounters that has eluded everyone’s awareness finally being exposed.

    The big racist unknown is that the integrated mainstream news media has continued its little-known pre-integration racist practice of supporting the police in race and police encounters. This is the lack of news media accountability, in race and police encounters permissive environment police have been operating under since integration. This ongoing racist injustice was caught in its most clear and blatant public display live and in living color in “The Big Cover-Up” video which we alone captured. It shows even the black President being subjected to this racist news media practice. However, Obama apparently didn’t realize the racist news media editorial practice to which he was subjected.  


    It’s important to understand this is not a racist conspiracy, it’s far more powerful as an unwritten built-in racist rule that’s as real in the integrated news media  as the code of silence is with the police.  The Big Cover-Video featuring President Obama provides irrefutable  evidence of the news media engaging in this racist editorial practice. It’s the biggest racist oversight in the history of African American advancement. The Big Cover-Up video is destined for a special place in American history in finally exposing this historic breakthrough revelation of the integrated  news media’s role in the unsolved race and social justice problem.  

    Money has never been the issue in addressing this unsolved race and social justice problem. President Obama reportedly raised $600 million after convening CEO’s civil rights leaders , and police chiefs to solve the race and social justice problem one and for all. It appears that the resulting “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative and the $600 million  was President’s Obama’s way of salvaging something of significance out of that conference to solve the unsolved race and social justice problem.

    Robert Smith CEO of Vista Equity Partners, in September 2019, followed through on his pledge, paying $34 million to settle the loan debt for the nearly 400 students who graduated that spring from Morehouse College. However, Smith didn’t stop there, he reportedly helped set up the Student Freedom Initiative (SFI), a nonprofit that aims to provide financial and career support for HBCU students. Education continues to be our major go-to move as the main thing to support in our advancement for which we can never go wrong.

     “Giving back” is widely embraced by the economically successful amongst us, who are some of the biggest beneficiaries of the success of the civil rights movement. The problem has been and remains the lack of awareness of the  systemic racist news media problem of continuing their pre-integration racist practice of supporting the police in race and police encounters.  That’s at the root of the unsolved race and social justice problem, which  we’re finally exposing. If you don’t know what you don’t know, you simply just don’t know.

    The- lack of awareness of this fundamental systemic racist news media problem has managed to continue unknown, undeterred, and unchecked. The knowledge has never been passed on. This is the first time this racist news media awareness story is being told with such irrefutable video evidence.

    This is one of those racist realities that escaped everyone’s awareness as we explained earlier in coining the term “integration delusion.” Interestingly, even before integration the news  media was always colluding with the police in race and police encounters. However, when checking our black authors and thinkers that was not a prevailing awareness. Maybe  being in the south in my early years made me particularly conscious of the racial bias in the news papers. If there was a picture of a black man on the front page he had to be a criminal. In any case, when the Gates, Crowley, Obama affair occurred, I was immediately aware that this was going to show where things stood with the police and press. 


    President Obama, marshalled the powers of his presidency, to attempt to solve this unsolved race and social justice problem by convening civil rights leaders, corporate CEO’s, and police chiefs to come up with answers. That ended with Obama launching his My Brother’s Keeper Alliance raising $600 million to get it started. The announced goal is “to address the persistent opportunity gaps boys and young men of color face and to ensure all young people can reach their full potential.”

    However, the unsolved race and social justice problem, the announced objective of the conference of Police chiefs, civil rights leaders, and cooperate CEO’s, remained unsolved. Interestingly, President Obama’s conference and the “My Brother’s Keeper’s” alliance was launched several years after the Gates-Crowley-Obama incident that gave us “The Big Cover-Up” video, showing that despite Obama taking that direct racist news media hit, he apparently didn’t realize the news media racist practice to which he was directly subjected.  

    In his post precedency memoir, A Promised Land, Obama wrote that according to the White House‘s polling, this Crowley-Gates incident caused a larger drop in white support for his presidency than any other single event,[4] That shows the power and consequences of news media driven misinformation, particularly on race and social justice and the need for the solution we’re presenting here. There can be no better evidence of this destructive built-in racist news media practice showing even the black President wasn’t exempt. More importantly it shows how oblivious we all have been to this news media racist problem in race and police encounters.  


    Let’s face it, this is fifty years running of black Americans  being totally unaware of this news media racist practice of supporting the police in race and police encounters. That shows the unawareness has nothing to do with intelligence or brilliance since all of our great thinkers, writers, black historians, every intellectual or knowledgeable category, going all the way back to James Baldwin and even Malcolm X have slept this racist news media practice of the news media supporting the police in race and police encounters that we are finally exposing. President Obama, who invariably is the smartest guy in the room if he’s present, as mentioned, missed his own subjugation to this blatant in-your-face racist news media action.

    Oprah’s, another example of someone with proximity to the racist problem being a media mogul for years and a big Obama supporter, which made her missing this most blatant public display of this news media racist travesty against President Obama, all the more revealing of how undetectable is this racists news media action. Not only did Oprah miss it, her girl friend Gayle King was a cohost on ABC at the time and was designated to interview Professor Gates while the story was unfolding. Gayle King’s  approach was a laughing “what were you doing getting caught up in that situation?” Not a quote, but words and tone to that effect. Nothing about the false arrest and of course not a word on the  news media cover-up. 

    Oprah has shown she has nothing but good intentions regarding racial advancement and she like many others will most likely welcome these breakthrough racist insights if made aware of them. Toward that end, Oprah put together an all-star panel of leading black thinkers and notables on the subject of race and social justice, attempting to plot the most effective course forward for us to take advantage of the George Floyd “awakening” inflection moment. It proved to be yet another illustration of the depth of unawareness of the integrated news media’s key “systemic racist” practice and problem. The value of “The Big Cover-Up” video can’t  be overstated. These assertions we’re making may come off like super-hype until you see the hard core real life video evidence involving the first black President and then it’s “game on.” No use harping on the reality, it’s time to fix it. 


     The Big Cover-Up” video  has presented irrefutable evidence of the integrated mainstream news media engaged in this racist news media practice that has left no news media accountability in race and police encounters  That means there is an integrated all inclusive  news media concept needed to be established

    What’s been missing is an integrated national news media operation that does not defer to police in race and police encounters, one would think it would be  unacceptable. The obvious solution is to establish what has been missing. That means a national news media operation that includes the interests and concerns of black Americans. That holds those accountable that have been free to abuse their authority. 

    Never has there been more money directed toward the race and social justice problem than since the George Floyd awakening. However, despite all the available money, this speaks to the importance of correct information-the message. The George Floyd Minneapolis police murder prompted an unprecedented outpouring of billions in commitments but the key to the unsolved race and social justice problem remains the big mystery making the money meaningless until it’s directed at the solution.  

    Ours is a history of breaking down racial barriers, doors and ceilings in our progress toward racial equality. However,  there is this last major institutional structural news media platform to be addressed that’s directly connected to the unsolved race and social justice problem.  Even while the unsolved race and social justice problem is the prevailing racist issue the lack of news media accountability in race and police encounters is the unknown heart of the problem that only we have identified.      

    The integration of the news media and police departments as we have shown did not end the pre-integration racist practices in either profession but has given the misleading impression, black faces means black news media representation. The editorial direction of a news organization is determined by the owners of the organization, not by the staff’s ethnicity. 

    In the meantime, we’re talking about putting in place what people have thought was already there. The launch of our all-inclusive 24-7 national cable news television network and 24-7 on-line news magazine  will give black Americans national news media representation for the first time in history. It’s spearheaded by our $500,000 minimum “GoFundMe” campaign to produce the pilot. Once produced, with corporate commercials showing it to be a sound self-sustaining business concept, it will be aired and streamed nationally via YouTube and other social media platforms. The story of fifty years as America’s best-kept news media’s racist secret will be fully exposed and explained in the pilot to justify the $200 million in investment capital required to launch this all-American, all-inclusive, national cable news television network.