We’re All We’ve Got


These people who are professionals in the philanthropic foundation community have undoubtedly seen numerous proposals submitted to address the most enduring social problem of racial inequality and injustice in America. Fifty years since the success of the civil rights movement, they have yet to fully understand the problem.

We identified the basic inequality, which is black Americans being without our own national news media presence and representation. That’s an obvious inequality on its face that any fair-minded person can see particularly foundations looking to address these racial inequalities.

Next, we shared with these professionals in the philanthropic community, the racial news media inequality with video evidence of the mainstream news media’s practice and tradition of knowingly supporting law enforcement misconduct when race is involved.

How do these foundation professionals justify not supporting the obvious solution to the racial problem identified and the obvious solution offered? It raises questions regarding the competence, sincerity of the staffs and leadership of these foundations in addressing racial inequity and inequality. In either case, the mission is not served and the problem is being addressed no thanks to them.

The main message to be made clear here is that all of the deceptions we have exposed, the racial myths and misperceptions we have debunked are still in place and remain the basis for the racial injustices that continue. Nothing has changed until we have completed our $500,000. GoFundMe” campaign and begin making public our goals through press releases and also begin exposing the disclosures in this presentation.

The main point to quote the WMBA players, “Change begins with us.” We are all we’ve got.