A Brief Civic Lesson


Regardless of how one approaches this concept of establishing our own national news media, it makes total sense and is more than justified.

From a constitutional standpoint consider the following: The framers of the constitution did not rely on man’s goodwill or sense of fair play to insure against those in government or powerful interests groups from engaging in excesses or abuses. They knew people abuse their power when there is no structural deterrent in place. The right of the people to monitor, inform and expose was considered vital to impose accountability, the ultimate deterrent. Accountability may not change hearts but it changes minds. Thus in the very first amendment, they guaranteed the right of a free press. That’s the system of checks and balances and the structural framework put in place for the citizens to wisely utilize to protect ourselves.

The mainstream news media is exercising its right of a free press. However, despite being integrated, the mainstream news media continues their tradition and practice of racial bias and understandably are not prioritizing the interests and issues of black people, nor should they be expected to do so. The obvious conclusion for us is to establish our own national news media operation, making it all inclusive with the competitive advantage of including what they have been omitting. This we have failed to do up until now and, for which we continue to pay dearly. That’s about to change.