Racist In Chief Don't Bother To Take The "Racist Quotient" Test

You don’t have to be a racist or Caucasian to engage in racist practices. Those in the integrated news media may be surprised to learn the key role they are playing wittingly or unwittingly in the unsolved race and social justice problem. We are challenging them to watch “The Big Cover-Up” video and see how they are participants in racist practices and how they can help us fix this long-standing injustice. Conversely, as African Americans, we have written the songs, books, produced the plays, movies and engaged in the protests and demonstrations. We have more than made the case. Now it’s time to introduce the structural change that advances us to unprecedented empowerment and full participation in society and work the system the way it’s designed to be worked.


In light of the recent discussions centered around the occupant in the White House on who’s a racist, this is certainly a subject worth exploring to see how it may be contributing to the persistence of this unsolved race and social justice problem. As we have stated, you don’t have to be a racist to engage in racist practices. How about on an ongoing basis, a perfect example of that behavior of which we have captured in both “The Big Cover-Up” video and the Chris Hayes “Handle” video.

Racist In Chief- Don’t Bother To Take The “Racist Quotient” Test

It seems appropriate to share our understanding of the subject and even provide a means for those interested to determine if they have “a racist bone in their body.” We have the perfect “Racist Quotient” test. It’s particularly for both black and white journalists and reporters because they may be wittingly or unwittingly participating in racist practices right now.  We have an equally perfect “Stockholm Syndrome” test for black Americans to determine to what degree they may be conditioned to acceptance to being second class marginalized citizens.  

The “Racist Quotient” Test

Here’s how the test works. Watch “The Big Cover-Up” video.  This is a private self-test. You get to determine your own basic reaction in your heart, which only you know. Are you repulsed by what you see? Do you want to take action? Are you indifferent? Do you see it as no big thing? The video documents an incident involving race that happened during the first year of the Obama administration. You even get to reflect on how you responded to the incident back then and how you respond today. Finally, unlike back then if you feel the urge to address the problem exposed in the video, this time you have options.

A white associate shared the video with some of her black friends, not in the news media who assured her they had watched the video. Any black person watching “The Big Cover-Up” video who comes away indifferent, obviously doesn’t share our perspective, which we see as the definitive revelation of press and police complicity in race matters. However, their indifference doesn’t make them bad people. The main takeaway is and what’s irrefutable the facts remain unchanged.

The nation has settled into this last remaining institutional racial inequality of 46 million black Americans spending $1.2 trillion annually being without national news media representation–the most effective constitutional tool to represent ourselves and impose accountability where it’s needed and never been. This inequality is at the root of the unsolved race and social justice problem.  We’ve been relying on demonstrations to draw mainstream news media attention to incidents of police injustices. In the meantime, having our own all-inclusive national news media operation to monitor and expose these injustices hasn’t even been considered, envisioned or imagined except by this endeavor.

Launching this 24-7 all-inclusive national cable news television network and 24-7 on-line news magazine is the obvious solution. All-inclusive means we will finally provide the national news media operation that many mistakenly thought they were already getting from the integrated mainstream news media. The difference is we will include the interests and concerns of African Americans and police accountability in race matters.  All-inclusive will make us the most informative national news media organization, moving us from the sidelines to the forefront in the national news media arena.

We’ve identified the problem. Now we’re installing the solution of our all-inclusive national news media including African American representation for the first time in history. That means we’re no longer powerless dependent on symbolic demonstrations to gain news media attention. Now we must make Americans aware of this endeavor to generate the necessary capital to make this happen.

THE CHALLENGE (We Have A Realistic Plan) A Change Is Coming 
It begins with our minimum $50,000 GoFundMe campaign to produce the Pilot for this all-inclusive national cable news television network. See the complete launch plan here.  https://usathisweek.com/how-well-make-it-happen/  Once produced, the Pilot will air nationally on YouTube offering Americans one million shares at $200 each with a maximum of 5 shares per individual. This will give us potentially a million partners/co-owner. Plus the necessary capital to launch this game-changing cable news media television network.