The continuation of the pre-integration racist editorial practice of the integrated news media supporting the police in race and police encounters is the root of the   unsolved race and social justice problem. But many 0f the news people in the integrated news media black and white are unaware of their participation in this long-standing racist injustice.  

It took this high profile race and police case of Professor Gates and Sgt. Crowley that included the involvement of President Obama to provide us with hardcore video evidence  of the entire news media engaged in this racist practice of supporting racist police misconduct.  Make no mistake, naming these people engaged in this racist practice is not to embarrass them or even cast aspersions but to show the extent of fifty years of the lack of news media accountability in the everyday race and police encounters that have left us black Americans without this vital layer of news media accountability in the race and social justice arena, which we’re finally exposing and preparing to address.

“The Big Cover-Up” video , which is our exhibit “A,” shows Anderson Cooper and Greta Van Susteran choosing not to follow up on their own breaking news scoops of Sgt. Crowley lying and filing a false police report. Then CNN trots out their two black hosts, T. J. Holmes and Don Lemon, to do their redirecting cover-up interviews, ignoring Sgt. Crowley’s lies and false police report, and promoting the police being pissed off and critical of President Obama.

What we did not show was Rachael Maddow, Brian Williams, Chuck Todd, Willie Geist, Joe Scarborough, Mica Brzezinski, Cassie Hunt. Dana Bash, Wolf Blitzer, Erin Burnett, David Gregory, Nora O’Donnell, Maggie Haberman, in other words, all  of these well-intentioned, considered liberal, white high-profile news people and their equally high-profile black coworkers, in front and behind the cameras, that all saw the same racial injustice we exposed in the video to which President Obama was subjected. Nevertheless, they all remained silent, consistent with the racist editorial practice we’re exposing. No doubt, all of their news media eyes were on this first race and police event involving the first black President in his first year in office. It was a must-see news event, and they were all on it. But they all did their go along with the police in race and police encounters thing. It’s important to note, there was no memo circulated. This is not a conspiracy, it’s more about a generally accepted racist editorial practice in the profession that we caught and exposed.

No doubt many of these news people voted for Obama. Yet, they wittingly or unwittingly supported the police in this race and police encounter that included an illegal arrest, lies in his police report, and a cover-up joined in by his police department as their SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) and their “unwritten racist rule. This is “the appalling silence of the good people” for all to see that Martin Luther King Jr. described. It also shows the extent of the lack of news media accountability in race and police encounters that far too many believe was solved with integration, a grossly mistaken assumption being totally blown-up here.

This comes at a time when many of these news people are expressing disdain for politicians who are selling out for self-interests over principles. Even those journalist who were extended the rare opportunity to author  Obama books and profit from their relationship with Obama remained silent while seeing him being subjected to that press and police injustice.  One author even acknowledged his awareness of the existence of this symbiotic racist press and police relationship in race and police matters. Interestingly, he did not offer to support this remedy in any way. The entire news media profession apparently chose to remain silent after seeing Sgt. Crowley’s nationally televised lies in his police report, allowing the cover-up to succeed right up to today.

Interestingly, and more recently, we watched David Ignatius, Washington Post Associate editor and columnist, on “Morning Joe,” paying public tribute to “his friend,” African American Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates. It immediately raised the question, what did he do or not do during that infamous Gates, Crowley, Obama affair,  when “his friend” Professor Gates was arrested by Sgt. Crowley after “breaking” into his own home?  When President Obama,  said the police had “acted stupidly,” it was “Show-time and game-on” for the press and police as we, at and the whole nation watched.

Interestingly, David Ignatius is also a spy novelist, suggesting it being unlikely he didn’t recognize the blatant racist injustice involving the President and his “friend Professor Gates.” It conjures up a gruesome analogous situation where the forces in play are so powerful a friend dare not speak up while seeing his pal being unjustly victimized, This must be like being a white person in the crowd and silently watching their black friend being lynched but you dare not speak up.

This news media accommodation of racist police practices has many variations. Here’s an interesting display of going along with a revealed news media racist practice in the “Handle The Truth” video (below), Chris Hayes was incredulous to learn that the Chicago mainstream news organizations refused to cover the Homan Square black sites operation run by the Chicago police Department over a ten year period. This is where police

reportedly secretly detained, interrogated and tortured thousands of black Americans at this facility. Despite civil rights attorneys and activists complaining to the news media, they refused to cover the story for years until it was exposed by “The Guardian,” a British news organization. 

The simple question is did Chris Hayes follow up with his own investigating reporting on this obvious news media complicity with police he had just discovered? After being shocked learning of the breaking news type racists revelation of the Chicago news media supporting the illegal racists police activity for years, he did not follow up on that news media racists discovery with any in-depth analysis reporting. Nor is it likely his higher ups would have allowed that to happen. It’s called “honor among thieves” or an example of how the way things are done. In the meantime Hayes continues to hold town hall meetings on race. Nevertheless, Chris Hayes deserves all the credit for breaking this racist news media story to the extent that he did and most of all “The Guardian,” the British news organization gets its kudos.