The Gates, Crowley, Obama  affair occurred early in Obama’s presidency. It showed  the news media editorial racist practice of supporting the police in  race and police encounters is so imbedded in the profession that the involvement of the first black President did not deter the news media from engaging in their little known racist news media practice of supporting the police cover-up in that affair. We have long since been aware of this racist press and police complicity in race and police encounters but we’ve never before had such conclusive evidence of the entire integrated news media engaged in the racist practice that finally everyone can see and understand it happening so clearly, which we caught and captured in “The Big Cover-Up” video.


We also have long since known that this press and police complicity in race and police encounters is at the root of the unsolved race and social justice problem that has eluded everyone’s awareness, particularly our great black writers and thinkers for all of these integration years. Evidenced by none of these esteemed people or anyone else of note has ever written or talked about this news media racist editorial practice and problem in their works that we are now bringing to light. This is the missing systemic layer of news media accountability in race and police encounters that explains the permissive environment cops have enjoyed and indulge in that leads to the excesses and abuses that occurs in race and police encounters. A reality that has left us us with a whole race conditioned and oblivious to this level of systemic news media racists editorial practices that’s accommodating the lack of accountability in race and police encounters.   

That public display of the illegal arrest and Sgt. Crowley’s lies in his police report with the news media observing and knowingly going along with the deception and  cover-up, showed the whole news media racist practice in action, clear as day. The first black President in America, in his first year in office, involved in his first race and police incident, means this story got as much initial national press coverage as the OJ Simpson trial. The entire integrated news media was all over President Obama’s answer to Lynn Sweet’s question in that nationally televised press conference, saying “the police had acted stupidly by arresting a man for breaking into his own home.”

Equally glaring is how  the major columnists, journalists, reporters, news people in print or television, in front and behind the cameras failed to pursue the initially publicized Sgt. Crowley’s illegal arrest and lies in his police report in this major news story at the time. It shows these news people witnessed the incident and moved on with a racist editorial shrug, ignoring the police misconduct. We cover these folk more definitively in the article on Martin Luther King Jr. Talked About The “Silence Of The Good People.” 

The other side of this little known racist news media story is how we black Americans have completely failed to pick up on this enduring pre-integration systemic news media racist problem. That’s the other major revelation with video evidence. Had we not caught this news media high-profile cover-up on video, this irrefutable proof of this news media racist practice that happened in front of the whole nation would have been lost forever. But now, when the video is watched the response is “damn, how in the world did we miss that?”  


The video  is exhibit “A” giving a permanent item-by-item record of this systemic news media’s racist practice of knowingly supporting the police racist illegal arrest, lies, and cover-up in this incident involving the black President. This was the key to exposing those in the news media who are participating in this racist practice wittingly or unwittingly and exposes how we black folks have over-looked this news media racist injustice.   

All of this is occurring against the backdrop of our spectacular post integration achievements economically and politically as a race, which we detail in other articles on this website, (  topped by the achievement of having the first black President. However, the big unknown and untold story is how at every level, for years, we have overlooked this systemic racist news media practice of supporting the police in race and police encounters and leaving the root to the unsolved race and social justice problem, unknown, unchecked, and undeterred.


Obviously, if the integrated news media doesn’t exempt the black President, from their pre-integration racist practice, who’s at the top of the food chain, that means we’ve all been fair game over the years?  Nevertheless, no one had a more up close and personal view of this racist news media action as it unfolded than those in and around  President Obama as he was taking this direct news media racist hit as revealed in  “The Big Cover-Up” video. Apparently, they all missed this racist news media problem         in its most brazen manifestation including, the smartest man in the room, President Obama. 

In his post-presidency memoir, A Promised Land, Obama wrote that according to White House  polling, this Crowley-Gates incident caused a larger drop in white support for his presidency than any other single event.[4] President Obama had withstood the impact of the new media’s racist practice of supporting the police cover-up revealed in  “The Big Cover-Up” video.  Nevertheless, President Obama knew he got a royal screwing, but apparently, even to this day has never realized how this systemic racist news media practice to which he was subjected, screwed him.  


 Below are  examples of three widely embraced self-defeating uninformed mindsets that need to be identified, examined, and dismissed for their counterproductive impact on our existence as black Americans.  (1) This first is exemplified by these three prominent black men,  Colin Powel, Juan Williams, and Stephen A Smith, featured in “The Big Cover-Up” video showing the degree to which these men have bought into the “integration delusion” mistaken mindset, which is thinking that with integration, police and press ceased their racist practices. Both Juan Williams and Colin Powell are seen in the video on national television assuring the nation that the presence of black police officers means no racist actions occurred even while the video shows both the cops and the press engaging in the exact racist activity being denied. Stephen A Smith is seen emphatically denouncing Professor Gates in support of the lying Sgt. Crowley. These guys are showing no awareness of the “cops code of silence” and would probably be surprised to learn of another reality, that not all slaves welcomed the Union troops. 

(2)Then we have an example of “the woe is me” mindset,  those who have despaired of their being a solution. “America doesn’t love us back.” Doc Rivers. “It’s going to be a long time before we can feel equal as African Americans.” Lebron James. This sense of helplessness in the face of some racist incident, expressed by these black super-star pro-athletes represents the mindset of more than a few black Americans. For these wealthy black professional athletes, relying  on symbolic demonstrations and protests and using their platforms to speak out is commendable as they try to show  their stance on race and social justice. This is a group that obviously needs to be more informed of this fundamental lack of news media accountability problem in race and police encounters that leaves the problem unidentified and unsolved.

(3) Below is a video featuring Michael Eric Dyson interviewing T.J. Holmes a former CNN news host seen in “The Big Cover-Up” video and currently on ABC. The main point is neither of these men saw anything problematic in not publicizing the name of the police officer or his police department in having made the unjustified stop of T.J. Holmes. Not exposing Sgt. Crowley lying and filing a false police report is exactly what the entire integrated news media did in “The Big Cover-Up” video allowing the police misconduct to go unexposed and undeterred. The whole reason people are demonstrating is to to gain news media attention on some police misconduct. Exposure is what it’s all about. It’s called accountability. Below is an example of blacks in the news media engaged in news media editorial racial malpractice in choosing not to expose those  engaged in racist offensive actions and perpetuating the racist problem. 

TJ Holmes NOT On Blast   on Vimeo.


President Obama, used the power of his office to convene a conference of CEO’s, police chiefs, and civil rights leaders to address the unsolved race and social justice problem once-and-for-all. However, it ended with President Obama raising $600 million for his “My Brother’s Keeper” Initiative. The knowledge of this root of this unsolved  race and social justice problem remained an unknown.  This showed you can have all of the money and power in the world, but there is no substitute for knowledge and awareness. That’s what makes  “The Big Cover-Up” video so vital. We’re looking at fifty years of integration and no knowledge or awareness of this news media racist practice that is so embedded in the integrated news media profession it’s systemic. But the video is the irrefutable game-changer showing the racist practice in action even against the black President and the key to the solution to the unsolved race and social justice problem.  Fortunately, with the revelations in the video, we are providing breakthrough real answers and solutions  here.   


These self-defeating mindsets among black Americans has left the whole race thinking there’s  no answer to this unsolved race and social justice problem, which these racist revelations show is a totally uninformed self-defeating mindset that’s prevailed since integration. Having identified the failure of the news media to not only impose accountability in these race and police encounters but to also show their practice of colluding with police to support their racist practices, makes the solution obvious, We must put in place the news media concept that includes the accountability component that’s been missing.

Conversely, our challenge is to convey this awareness to those seeking the solution to this race and social justice problem even as we pursue the solution of putting in place what we have shown is missing. This website  is all about identifying this basic racist news media problem and gaining support for our minimum $500,000 GoFundMe campaign to acquire the necessary capital to produce the pilot for our 24-7 all-inclusive national cable news television network and 24-7 on-line news magazine. This is the ultimate wake up call with a realistic plan to permanently fix this problem