“We’ve come a long way, but we still have a long way to go.” We hear this said repeatedly by prominent black spokespeople when describing our progress as a race. However, they have yet to come up with that game-changing idea or concept that will take us to the next level of more liberating empowerment. Nevertheless, they all seem to sense that something critical is missing.

Well, here it is: the missing ingredient, which is the establishment of our own all-inclusive national news media operation reporting the news as it unfolds but prioritizing including the interests and concerns of African Americans. It’s the one thing when put in place that will result in structural societal change, unprecedented empowerment for black Americans, establishing a national voice, and a permanent national news media apparatus to impose accountability where it has never been. Until we have our own national news media operation we are relegated to less than full participation in this society.



The magnitude of this mission to establish our own all-inclusive national news media operation, consisting of a 24-7 cable news television network and a 24-7 online news magazine, providing black Americans with national news media representation for the first time in history, puts in perspective the enormity of the void this concept will fill. This means 46 million black Americans will no longer be without a national voice. Far more than a business, this is equivalent to a social movement amounting to unprecedented empowerment for a whole race.

As the architect of this endeavor, we must explain why it’s “Too Big To Fail.” We need to show how for years the mainstream news media, despite being integrated, has been knowingly supporting police misconduct when race is involved. We present documentary video evidence of this racist practice. People need to see how without realizing it, the many ways we have become accepting of these updated versions of pre-civil rights racist practices. This entire presentation is designed to expose the ongoing deceptions that have prevailed and contributed to the reverses and setbacks we are experiencing as a race. But more important, put in place a national news media operation that will be all-inclusive and a more realistic coverage of the real world as events unfold. It means what has been overlooked ignored or dismissed will now be included. A change is coming.

The inescapable irony is our editorial direction makes us becoming the leading national news media operation unavoidable. To be effective and relevant we must be an all-inclusive news organization simply including what the other major news organization have been omitting. The presumption among stereotypical thinking is that this will be a cable news television version of Jet, Ebony or BET.  In no way do we intend to limit and marginalize ourselves by covering the produce section in the supermarket. We’re covering the whole shopping center. That’s why from the jump we selected U.S.A. ThisWeek as the name of this news media operation.