The only thing worse than learning that we’ve been working on everything but the root of the unsolved race and social justice problem, is never finding out about the root of the problem at all. Finally, and fortunately it’s all being revealed here and now. 

This calls for some serious name dropping in this wake-up-call game-changing revelation. We’re exposing the continuation of this little-known pre-integration racist integrated news media practice of supporting the police in race and police encounters, which is at the root of the unsolved race and social justice problem. The names are those of our race experts and those writing and speaking on race and social justice but have had nothing to write or say about this fundamental racist problem over these fifty integration  years. It might come as a surprise to most, but we’re talking about famous writers like James Baldwin, Maya Angelou, to the more recent names, like Toni Morrison, Alice Walker, Ta-Nehisi Coates. That includes these notable black history professors at these prestigious Ivy league Universities, like Dr. Cornel West, formerly of Harvard, Dr. Eddie Glaude Princeton, and Michael Eric Dyson at Vanderbilt.

These few names are representative of the entire group of prominent black writers and thinkers, since we couldn’t find not even one of them or anyone else who has written or talked about this basic news media racist practice and problem. Naming them is not to vilify or embarrass but to show the extent of this total lack of awareness among our leading black thinkers, writers, and spokes people that has continued since pre-integration to this day.

(Editor’s note) We’re clearly not the smartest one in the room. But there is no substitute for awareness, which is the source of the new and rare insights being shared on this website.  It’s based on my personal experience in being around even before the civil rights movement and watching history unfold, but paying particular attention, and catching what others are apparently consistently missing.

This is a remarkable story of a whole race having missed this news media systemic racist police complicity since integration. It appears that everyone in and out of the news media believed that with the integration of police departments and newsrooms they both ended their pre-integration racist practices. That turned out to be the biggest self-defeating case of wishful thinking with both professions.


No where was this racist self-defeating misperception more on display than in the video, where we see classic examples of the depth of this phenomenon with Colin Powel and Juan William, prominent black men assuring the American people on national television that the presence of minority police officers means no racist offense occurred in the Sgt. Crowley, Professor Gates, and President Obama affair. 

However, no one was more adamantly and wrongly supportive of the lying Sgt. Crowley and critical of Professor Gates than Stephen A Smith. In the meantime, the video shows Powel, Williams, and Stephen A, couldn’t be more misinformed showing what’s taking place is exactly what they were denying including black police officers vouching for Sgt. Crowley in the typical “blue wall of silence” tradition.


It took the election of the first black President and the Crowley Gates Obama affair to give us this key irrefutable video evidence showing how we, as a race, have been deluded and have totally missed this news media racist practice and problem of supporting the police in race and police encounters for all of these integration years. The lack of awareness is most notable among these individuals and organizations that are attempting to be experts on the subject, which makes our capturing this racist practice in the big cover-up video, invaluable and to share these racist revelations with all parties that need proof to convert them from their well intentioned mistaken beliefs and show them what they have all overlooked and have been missing. 

The video  shows President Obama being the direct target of this integrated news media’s traditional racist practice, with the news media making no exception for Obama’s involvement. Even if Obama realized the press and police complicity to which he was subjected, he was in a no-win situation. As the video shows, the entire integrated mainstream news media narrative shifted from any question about police misconduct, that was there for all to see to it being about the wrongly aggrieved and maligned Sgt. Crowley.  

Don Lemon was CNN’s point man shifting the racist narrative of the cops being pissed off because they were unjustifiably criticized by President Obama. However, the glaring evidence we show in the video of Sgt. Crowley lying and filing a false police report showing his consciousness of guilt, did not receive the coverage to counter the prevailing news media driven angry cops’ narrative, leaving President Obama with no choice but to have that “beer summit” to pacify the news media promoted criticism. The reality is, not one of the watchdog organizations pointed out the police and news media cover-up that we exposed in the video.  

The public attention to this incident was magnified when President Obama publicly and correctly criticized the unjustified police action. Yet not one of our racial watchdog individuals or groups like the NAACP or Black Lives Matter picked up on the news media’s racist role in supporting the police cover-up documented in the video.  


To be clear, none of these black men, Colin Powel, Juan Williams, and Stephen A Smith are racists apologist, or uncle Toms. They’re just high-profile examples of the widespread misinformed mindsets we’re exposing among far too many black Americans. Unfortunately, the late Colin Powel doesn’t have the opportunity of hindsight as when he corrected his “weapons of mass destruction” mistake. That suggests he would have also corrected this mistake, had he been made aware of his error.  Conversely, we are obligated to respectfully and as a courtesy, inform all parties of our coverage that are critically mentioned in this article. We’re looking forward to Stephen A Smith’s response because he has a reputation for being a standup guy who looks at the big picture particularly on race matters.  This is as big as the picture gets amounting to a historic opportunity to correct one of the all-time great publicly committed race mistakes, that we feel he will welcome. 

This is the missing fundamental layer of news media accountability in race and police encounters that has eluded the awareness of our best and brightest allowing police to operate with a level of impunity that goes right to the heart of the unsolved race and social justice problem. New media imposed accountability is a fundamental right and protection we have denied ourselves by our own inaction. The government can’t do this for us and we don’t even realize we are without this most critical layer of structural accountability in race and police encounters.  

Our achievements economically and politically have been spectacular. Even more remarkable has been how this racist news media practice of supporting the police in race and police encounters has become so ingrained in our everyday world for these many years that even when the black President was subjected to the police and press racist practice no one recognized the racist injustice that was taking place so publicly, present company excluded. Finally we have the evidence and the opportunity to share this insight and establish the appropriate solution.