We urge everyone to check out exhibit “A”, The Big Cover-Up” video, which is compelling evidence unquestionably justifying this endeavor. After viewing the video we ask our viewers to convert their anger or frustration to action and purpose by joining the support of this solution and signing up for “The $20 Price Is Right” People Power game plan.

The Mission
The ultimate goal of our 24-7 all-inclusive national cable news television network and a 24-7 online news magazine is giving African Americans national news media representation for the first time in history.

This mission’s validity has never been about the concept; it’s always been about the capital (money). With the advance in social media, the $300,000 to produce our compelling- television news day pilot becomes eminently achievable with our no-risk-strength-in-numbers “People Power” approach. It’s “The $20 Price Is Right” game plan.

How It Works
$20 is the most any one person is asked to contribute. A minimum of $300,000 is being raised to produce our television News Day pilot to demonstrate this all-inclusive national news media operation. 15,000 X $20 = $300,000.

Here’s the plan to get to $300,000
The first 1000, participants are required to provide their email address to be informed when our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign begins. Once notified the first 1000 are directed to immediately activate their $20 donations and asked to recruit at least one new $20 participant each week for the eight weeks of the campaign. Each new participant is expected to repeat the drill- immediately recruit at least one new $20 participant each week. And so on.

The next $200 million funding level continues with the same strength-in-numbers “People Power” approach showing why the email addresses are important and the advantage of being an early signee.

The Pilot will show how we can be the number one national cable news media television network in the nation displaying our all-inclusive editorial approach. This means covering the same major news events as the other news organization with the completive advantage by including what they have in their bias been pointedly omitting. Our pilot will have major corporate advertising validating it being a self-sustaining business model.

$200 million as our launching capital continues with our strength in numbers people power approach. We will offer 1 million shares of stock ownership at $200 per share. Maximum 5 shares for any one individual. The categories of the stock will be divided into three groups broken down along the three groups of participants. The first 1,000 the next 14,000 plus and the last group of common 985,000 stockholders.

Not to be overlooked is the advantage of having a national news media operation starting out with a built-in audience of 1 million viewers/investors owners.

The email addresses are important to keep our $20 participants informed of our progress. They also allow us to retain records to assign the categories to award the various groups their priorities. The first $20  1,000 will be considered our charter member supporters. This means first access to the pilot once produced and other benefits yet to be fully described. A category of preferred stock will be reserved for the original 14,000 participants.

With the advance in social media and our unconditional commitment to this mission, we have finally come up with this realistic strategy. It removes the risk factor associated with the sizable capital being raised for a major business concept and social movement requiring substantial capital outlay. It takes what was considered practically impossible to eminently achievable. Be among the first $20 1,000 and sign up.