This endeavor to establish our all-inclusive national news media operation is similar to the “Mueller Report.” For that report to have an impact, it needs the public to be more widely informed of the corruption,This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Meuller-1.jpg  obstruction of justice and abuse of power exposed in the report, before impeachment will gain the necessary public support to go forward.

“The Big Cover-Up” video is our “Mueller Report” needing exposure, to show how the news media has been knowingly supporting police misconduct in race matters. Once this racist treachery is exposed the solution becomes obvious, which is to establish our own all-inclusive news media operation to report the news the way it’s supposed to be reported, which is honestly and fairly. Otherwise, this news media racist deception will go on forever.

We’ve Been Unknowingly Going For The News Media Okeydoke For The Last Fifty Years

Contrary to widespread belief, integration of police departments and newsrooms did not end their racist’s practices. For anyone paying attention, we know the racist’s abuses haven’t ended with police departments to this day. Now, thanks to  “The Big Cover-Up” video and the Chris Hayes video, we see these racists practices continuing with the integrated news media knowingly covering up police misconduct and illegal acts involving race not even exempting the black president.

The irony is these racists practices are so ingrained in the culture of the integrated news media, the offenders in the news media and the offended black Americans are unaware of this being the source of the injustice that has been going on with impunity. In other words, many in the news media are unwittingly participating in these racist practices and black folk are just as unaware and fooled by thinking because the news media is integrated they no longer engage in the racist practice of supporting police misconduct in race matters  

That’s why no one, even our best and brightest, has been able to figure out the solution to “the race and social justice problem.” Obama convened CEO’s, Civil rights’ leaders, big City police chiefs, putting the full power of the presidency behind solving this “race and social justice problem.” Roger Goodell assembled his owners’ players committee trying to figure out this “race and social justice problem.” $687 million was raised between the two conferences with the problem that This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Crowley-gates.jpgprompted their gatherings remaining unsolved when the meetings ended. 

Another reason “The Big Cover-Up” video is so critical is in proving this news media complicity with police is widespread.  When the entire news media knowingly goes along with a police cover-up involving the black  President, case closed.

We have “Black Lives Matter” people, the NFL National Anthem protesters,  NBA high profile ball-players giving ESPY group speeches and even Beyonce with her Super Bowl Black Panther performance.This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ESPY-Group-Speech.jpg-2.jpg  Along with their heartfelt concern, they all have one thing in common, which is they’re all reaching back to the civil right’s model relying on demonstrations for news media publicity to register their concern.

It’s like a mating dance. You get brief attention like “Queen for a day” and then everything goes back to business as usual. Nothing’s changed.  However, all is not lost. Fortunately not only have we identified the problem we have the solution and a realistic game plan to put it in place. We are also reaching out to some of those who have engaged in these demonstrations providing them the opportunity to support substantive change rather than settling for symbolic demonstrations. 

Having identified this no-win situation we have been in these last fifty years. Here’s the plan. We are launching an all-inclusive  24-7 national cable news television network and a 24-7 on-line news magazine.

We presented the “The Big Cover-Up ” video showing the longterm unknown problem of the news media cooperating with the police in race matters. We are producing a pilot to show how our all-inclusive national news media operation will fill this news media void that the mainstream news media has not been able to fill, because of their built-in racist agenda.  

Fifty Years Of Demonstrations Finally The Ultimate Solution

Our GoFundMe $50,000 minimum campaign is to produce the pilot for the all-inclusive 24-7 national cable news television network and 24-7 on-line news magazine. As we have shown, wealth and status does not mean you are aware of what’s going on in this news media arena. Consequently, we must educate and raise awareness every step of the way toward this unprecedented empowerment and full participation in society for black Americans.

Once the pilot is produced complete with commercial advertising spots it will be streamed nationally vis Youtube and Vimeo. The commercials show it’s a sound business concept. There are 46 million African Americans spending $1.2 trillion annually. That does not talk about four times white Americans being presented with an all-inclusive unbiased news operation for the first time in history.

Included in the pilot will be our “people power” capitalizing approach. The pilot will present the investment opportunity to black and white Americans interested in seeing this all-inclusive news media concept become a reality and share in its success. One million shares will be offered at $200 each a maximum of 5 shares per individual . This approach has the additional advantage of giving us an initial viewer/co owner built in audience of one million.

This is the last institutional racial inequality yet to e addressed, black Americans being without national news media representation. Basically, we’re establishing an institution to be around permanently. This is not a business built up with an exit strategy. Dividends will be declared based on profits but there is a societal responsibility for permanence to be maintained.