The Race And Social Justice Problem Solved With The Help Of The David Ignatius Syndrome


I recently watched David Ignatius, Washington Post Associate editor and columnist, on “Morning Joe,” paying tribute to “his friend,” African American Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates. It immediately raised the question, what did he do or not do during that infamous Gates, Crowley, Obama affair? This was the case in which, Professor Gates was arrested by Sgt. Crowley after “breaking” into his own home. President Obama, in a nationally televised press conference and in response to a question asked by Lynn Sweet, Chicago Sun Times Washington bureau chief, said the police had acted stupidly” by arresting Gates “for breaking into his own home.” With that statement by Obama, it was “Show-time and game-on” as the whole nation watched.

With the public criticism of the police by President Obama, in this case involving race, it became a historic revelation moment to see if the black President could legitimately criticize an obvious illegal police action involving race. The question being, would the integrated news media react fairly or do what they traditionally do in cases involving race, which is to defer to law enforcement in race matters. It’s even not unusual for the news media to knowingly cover-up police misconduct when race is involved, which is exactly what happened in this case.

At the conclusion of the press conference, we and the whole nation had a front-row seat watching press support of the police cover-up unfold in this race case. However, even though the press and police injustice was there for all to see, most Americans missed the racial travesty that occurred right before our proverbial eyes. However, we caught and documented this racist travesty in “The Big Cover-Up” video,, this racist seminal moment would have been lost forever.


Finally The Integrated Press And Police Complicity In Race Matters Exposed

“The Big Cover-Up” video is the much-needed evidence to expose and destroy the myth that integration ended police and press racist practices. The video is a catalog of press and police practices, some being racist, all showing how the news media has contributed to the long-standing unsolved race and social justice problem. It shows how the integrated news media manipulated information to support the nationally revealed false police report of Sgt. Crowley in this Gates-Crowley-Obama race-related case.

News media complicity kicked in after a televised Perry Mason moment aired nationally on FOX News and CNN’s Anderson Coopers’ hour. It showed Sgt. Crowley had blatantly lied on his police report proven by the contradicting 911 call in his own voice. The video shows black cops adhering to the “code of silence” and black reporters for CNN, Don Lemon and T.J. Holmes, conducting subsequent interviews,redirecting the news media narrative away from Sgt. Crowley’s already revealed false police report. Their new angle was to focus on a claim of police resentment of an “unjustified” criticism of police by the black President.

The video shows the integration myth being embraced by black Americans, with Colin Powell and Juan Williams declaring in separate nationally television interviews that the presence of black officers means there was no racial misconduct. This shows a whole nation having bought into this misguided myth believing integration had ended racist practices since the success of the civil rights movement.

The Truth Will Set Us Free

The revelation of press and police complicity, explains why philanthropic billions spent over the years and the recently focused efforts by President Obama and the NFL players owners panel to solve this race and social justice problem failed. But for this exposé and this endeavor, we could go another fifty years not figuring this thing out. At the root of the problem has been the unknown role of the integrated mainstream news media in supporting police misconduct in race matters. In other words, the presumed accountability role of the integrated news media in police and race matters has never existed, except in people’s imagination. The recent revelation of brutality and killings of unarmed black males has been due to advancement in technology– camera phones and YouTube

Sgt. Crowley May Be The Ultimate Blessing In Disguise

In Providing Conclusive Evidence Of Press & Police Complicity In Race-Matters

Sgt. Crowley

Sgt. Crowley, blatantly lying on his police report in this high-profile race case, showed his consciousness of guilt and apparently his little to no concern for news media exposure. The news media subsequently ignoring the false police report showed his lack of concern was justified. “The Big Cover Up” video is footage on the Crowley Gates affair that played on national television showing how easily these obvious racist practices by both police and press can go undetected when we don’t have our own national news media representation to counter mainstream news media misrepresentation.

Because of the involvement of the black President, the case initially received straight forward coverage by CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Fox News’s Greta VanSusteran exposing Crowley’s false police report. This happened before the news media practice of deferring to law enforcement in race matters overrode the straight forward approach. The abrupt shift by CNN to the wrongly criticized Sgt Crowley narrative, ended up exposing the entire news media because they all had to consciously ignore the false police report that had already aired nationally, to allow the cover-up to work.

Greta Van Susteran & Anderson Cooper

This shift included Anderson Cooper and Greta Van Susteran ignoring their own breaking news scoops (no doubt reigned in by their news organizations) also going silent allowing the aggrieved Sgt. Crowley narrative to prevail. This is the kind of irrefutable evidence we need to show those in the integrated mainstream news media the racist practices in which they are engaged is at the root of the race and social justice problem in failing to impose accountability on law enforcement in race cases.

For anyone paying attention, it’s a known fact, police abuse and the unjustified killings of unarmed black Americans has continued with integrated police departments to this day. What has been unknown is the integrated news media’s role in supporting this ongoing law-enforcement injustice in race matters. This is the key to the unsolved “race and social justice problem” because the partner-in-crime role of the integrated news media, has been unknown and unidentified up until this revelation we are exposing here. Thanks to Sgt. Crowley’s action in this high-profile case.

This Is Racism In The News Media’s Moment Of Truth

For Those With The David Ignatius Syndrome

This brings us back to the David Ignatius syndrome. David is also a spy novelist, showing how unlikely it is that he didn’t recognize the blatant racist injustice involving the President and “his friend Professor Gates.” However, along with David Ignatius, there are countless journalists, reporters, and political columnist all in a profession that defines itself by being skeptical, inquisitive and truth seekers. They likely saw the travesty unfold and felt powerless to fight the forces in play in the news media or their “sacred cow” of police infallibility in race matters. For instance, does anyone believe this sham got past Rachael Maddow who uncovers at least one government scandal rivaling the discovery of the “Dead Sea Scrolls” every show? Few if any in the news media, have plausible deniability in this case because they were all tuned in on the first racial controversy, of the first black President, in his first year in office.

For Those In The News Media

Choose To Remain Part Of The Problem Or Part Of The Solution?

This injustice culminated in that farce of a White house beer-fest, which only the complete capitulation of the entire news media betraying their basic journalistic integrity allowed that travesty to take place. Troubling was seeing an exchange, a couple of years after that total injustice, between Angela Mitchel and Joe Scarborough referring back to the Crowley Gates affair as a lesson Obama should have learned. The two were discussing how he should deal with a new racial incident. It showed they had accepted the manipulated version of that Crowley Gates affair as the historical truth.

The whole MSNBC line-up, Mika Brzezinski, Joe Scarborough, Willie Geist, Rachael Maddow, Chris Mathews and Brian Williams all hosted shows at the time of this Gates Crowley travesty and certainly saw the Sgt. Crowley 911- call versus his police report, including Chuck Todd and David Gregory who were White House reporters. Anderson Cooper and Greta Van Susteran have their own stories to tell on why they failed to follow up on their own scoops exposing Sgt. Crowley’s false police report, including CNN’s John King. It strains credulity to think all of the above along with the rest of the news media missed this travesty. Nevertheless, here is this rare opportunity for an honorable response from those in the news media to help right a longstanding wrong of which they have been a participant wittingly or unwittingly.

A Moment Of Truth For Those In The News -Media

If journalism is the first draft of history it’s time for this mid-course correction

We are sharing our “racism-in-the-news-media” version of the “Me Too Movement,” giving those in the news media who wittingly or unwittingly went along with that injustice the opportunity to support this obvious solution.

We have clearly identified the problem and the groundbreaking logical solution to this race and social justice problem plus the realistic plan to make it happen. We have composed a list of news people posted on our website. They will be sent a message and link to this David Ignatius Syndrome posting. As the “ subject/cow” in the “sacred cow” concept that dictates supporting the police in race matters in the mainstream news media, only we who are the subject/cow can extricate ourselves from this news media unwritten rule. It requires putting in place the structural device of our own national news media organization, otherwise, we remain forever vulnerable to this unwritten rule.

We are implementing the obvious solution, which is to establish our all inclusive national news media operation that does not exempt African Americans from the protection of news media imposed accountability. This is the common sense logical solution.


The launch of our all-inclusive 24-7 national cable news television network will give black Americans national news media representation for the first time in history. It’s spearheaded by our $50,000 minimum “GoFundMe” campaign to produce the pilot. Once produced, with corporate commercials showing it to be a sound business concept, it will be streamed nationally via YouTube. Included in streaming the pilot will be our “People Power” capitalization concept: One million shares offered at $200 a share with no individual allowed more than five shares. This allows us to raise $200 million to launch our 24-7 all-inclusive national cable news television network and 24-7 on-line news magazine with a potential opening viewership of a million partner/owners/ viewers.

All-inclusive” is the key – meaning we are not going to continue marginalizing ourselves by being a 24-7 black national cable news television network version of Jet, Ebony or BET. Our all-inclusive enlightened editorial philosophy will cover the same national news but include the issues, interests, and concerns of black Americans, which other news organizations have been omitting. This gives us a competitive advantage over the major news organizations. Most important, we will include accountability where it has never been.

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