The Lists And The Racist Self Test

MSNBC Line up

You don’t have to be a racist or Caucasian to engage in racist practices. Those in the integrated news media may be surprised to learn the key role they are playing wittingly or unwittingly in the unsolved race and social justice problem. We are challenging them to watch “The Big Cover-Up” video (below) and see how they are participants and how they can help us fix this injustice.

Take The “Racist Quotient” Self Test

Here’s how the test works. Watch “The Big Cover-Up” video.  This is a private self-test. You get to determine your own basic reaction in your heart, which only you know. Are you repulsed by what you see? Are you indifferent? Do you see this as no big thing? The video documents an incident involving race that happened during the first year of the Obama administration. That means you get to reflect on how you responded to the incident back then and how you respond today. Finally, unlike back then, if you feel the urge to address the problem exposed in the video, this time you have options.

We are sharing this with those in the news media, listed below, because (1) You have been wittingly or unwittingly participating in the mainstream news media’s unwritten rule of deferring to law enforcement in race matters, which is at the root of the unsolved race and social justice problem. (2) There are those who may have realized this racial bias exists in the profession but felt powerless to do anything about the unwritten rule or “sacred cow” as we describe it in the David Ignatius Syndrome post. On the other hand, this racist editorial tradition and practice may be a total revelation to many. (3) Once seeing our evidence showing we have identified this news media’s systemic press and police complicity in race matters, there should be those who will support our GoFundMe first step of this obvious and realistic solution.

The Solution; With A Realistic Plan To Make It Happen

It’s a three-step plan. “The Big Cover-Up” video proves the existence of the built-in racist press and police complicity problem and an example of how to expose these injustices. The minimum $50,000 GoFundMe campaign is to produce the pilot to present an example of our all-inclusive national cable news television network solution complete with paid-for commercial spots showing its a sound business concept. Finally, airing the pilot nationally promoting our “People Power” capitalization concept (1 million shares $200 each maximum 5 shares per individual) will generate the necessary capital to launch this all-inclusive national cable news television network. Finally, a solution and a realistic plan to make it happen. Join the movement to fix this race and social justice problem by participating in our Go Fund Me minimum $50,000 campaign

News Media List (Everyone on this list has appeared on TV taking a moral stand )

In this day of lies and deception and so many in the news media insisting on others maintaining a moral standard of integrity, this is your turn.

.@robreiner Rob Riener
.@amprog Jaunita Toliver
.@GeorgetownLaw David Goodfriend
.@hansilowang Hansi Lo Wang
.@CapehartJ Jonathon Capehart
.@matthewamiller Mathew Miller
.@AnandWrites Anand Giridharadas
.@dthornell Douglas Thornell
.@MalcolmNance Malcolm Nance
.@RWPUSA Richard Painter
.@tribelaw Laurence Tribe
.@NicolleDWallace Nicolle D Wallace
.@Sruhle Stephanie Ruhle
.@AliVelshi Ali Velshi
.@Kasie Kasie DC
.@AriMelber Ari Melber
.@JoyceWhiteVance Joyce White Vance
.@TaraDowdellGrp. Tara Dowdell
.@AMSophiaNelson Sophia Nelson
.@MaraGay Mara GayNew York
.@DeanObeidallah Dean Obeidallah
.@jewelmelanie Jewel Burks Solomon
.@whoisSheena Sheena Allen
.@pauljudge Paul Judge
.@tristan Walker Tristan Walker
.@TiffanyDCross Tiffany D Cross
.@JrubinBlogger Joyce Rubin
.@alexi Alexi McCammond
.@maddow Rachel Maddow
.@RillyRick Rilly Rick
.@peterbakernyt Peter Baker
.@JakeSherman Jake Sherman
.@agearan Anne Rumsey Gearan
.@continetti Mathew Continetti
.@Elise_Jordan Elise Jordan
.@BishopGarrison Bishop Garrison
.@lopezlinette Lopez Linette
.@JamilSmith Jamil Smith
.@jmsummers Jim Summers
.@MarkLeibovich Mark Leibovich
.@NatashaBertrand Natasha Bertrand
.@LeahRigueur Leah Wright Rigueur
.@swin24 Asawin Suebsaeng
.@cjane87 Jane Coaston
.@jonathanmahler Jonathan Mahler
.@JoeNBC Joe Scarborough
.@nytmike Michael S. Schmidt
.@DonnyDeutsch Donny Deutsch
.@neal_Katyal Neal Katyal
.@samstein Sam Stein
.@barronlopez Laura Barron-Lopez
.@SteveKornacki Steve Kornacki
.@mikeallen Mike Allen
.@MidwinCharles Midwin Charles
.@woodruffbets Betsy Woodruff
.@JoyAnnReid Joy Reid
.@KatiePhang Katie Phang
.@jaketapper Jake Tapper
.@mehdirhasan Mehdi Hasan
.@baratunde Baratunde
.@ddale8 Daniel Dale
.@daveweigel Dave Weigel
.@aseitzwald Alex Seitz-Wald
.@JimVandeHei Jim VandeHei
.@JonLemire Jonathan Lemire
.@PhilipRucker Philip Rucker
.@AshleyRParker Ashley Parker
.@maggieNYT Maggie Haberman
.@costareports Robert Costa
.@Fahrenthold David Fahrenthold
.@Acosta Jim Acosta
.@AprilDRyan April Ryan
.@HansNichols Hans Nichols
.@abbydphillip Abby D Phillip
.@Yamiche Yamiche Alcindor
.@KasieDC Kasie Hunt
.@KenDilanianNBC Ken Dilanian
.@kylegriffin1 Kyle Griffin
.@DanaBashCNN Dana Bash
.@johnKingCNN John King
.@wolfblitzer Wolf Blitzer
.@chuck todd Chuck Todd
.@mitchellreports Andrea Mitchell
.@JohnJHarwood John Harwood
.@Lawrence Lawrence O’Donnell
.@mkraju Manu Raju
.@GloriaBorger Gloria Borger
.@CillizzaCNN Chris Cillizza
.@MikeLupica Mike Lupica
.@morningmika Mika Brzezinski
.@AmAmnaNawaz Amna
.@JudyWoodruff Judy Woodruff
.@BretStephensNYT Bret Stephens
.@Dr_CMGreer Christina Greer
.@HeidiNBC Heidi Przybyla
.@jheil John Heilermann
.@KatyTurNBC Katy Tur
.@chrishayes Chris Hayes
.@HallieJackson Hallie Jackson
.@Kwelkernbc Kristen Welker
.@ZerlinaMaxwell ZerlinaMaxwell
.@mayawiley Maya Wiley
.@Mimirocah1 Mimi Rocah
.@gdebenedetti Gabriel Debenedetti
.@BarbMcQuade Barb McQuade
.@FrankFigliuzzi1 Frank Figliuzzi1
.@JoyceWhiteVance Joyce White Vance
.@JillWineBanks Jill Wine-Banks
.@tribelaw Laurence Tribe
.@RWPUSA Richard Painter
.@aseitwald Alex Seitz-Wald
.@alivitali Ali Vitali
.@jonallendc Jonathan Allen
.@mmurraypolitics Mark Murray
.@cornell_belcher Cornell Belcher
.@K_JeanPierre Karine Jean-Pierre
.@DrJasonJohnson Dr. Jason Johnson
.@michelleinbklyn Michelle Goldberg
.@matthewamiller Matthew Miller
.@SethAbramson Seth Abramson
.@chrislhayes Chris Hayes
.@AndyCooperCNN Anderson Cooper
.@theabstoddard A B Stoddard
.@TimOBrien Tim O’Brien
.@DavidCornDC David Corn
.@isikoff Michael Isikoff
.@benjaminwittes Benjamin Wittes
.@bradheath Brad Heath
.@CevallosLaw Danny Cevallos
.@apalmerdc Anna Palmer
.@dlippman Daniel Lippman
.@CarolLeonni Carol Leonnig
.@emilybazelon Emily Bazelon
.@LauraAJarrett Laura Jarrett
.@DylanByers Dylan Byers
.@PoppyHarlowCNN Poppy Harlow
.@JohnAvlon John Avlon
.@DanaBashCNN Dana Bash
.@JuliaEAinsley Julia E Ainsley
.@JessicaYellin Jessica Yellin
.@sahilkapur Sahil Kapur
.@howardfineman Howard Fineman
.@Eugene_Robinson Eugene robinson
.@BeschlossDC Michael Beschloss
.@jmeacham Jon Meacham
.@TheRickWilson Rick Wilson
.@DorisKGoodwin Doris Kearns Goodwin
.@WalterIsaacson Walter Isaacson
.@jonathanvswan Jonathan Swan
.@KattyKayBBC Katty Kay
.@JohnJHarwood John Harwood
.@JesselynRadack Jesselyn Radack
.@chrishayes Chris Hayes
.@RichardEngel Richard Engel
.@yasminv Yasmin Vossoughian

.@esglaude Eddie S. Glaude

.@SRuhle Stephanie Ruhle
.@AymanM Ayman Mohyeldin
.@JeffreyGoldberg JeffreyGoldberg
.@CaitlinPacific Caitlin Flanagan
.@NickKristof Nicholas Krisof
.@paulkrugman Paul Krugman
.@ezraklein Ezra Klein
.@NateSilver538 Nate Silver
.@AishaMoodMills Aisha Moodie-Mills
.@stephgosk Stephanie Gosk
.@LACaldwellDC Leigh Ann Caldwell
.@ageran Anne Gearan
.@ProfMMurray Melissa Murray
.@PostRoz Rosalind Helderman
.@elliotcwilliams Elliot Williams
.@stengel Richard Stengel
.@carolelee Carol Lee
.@LauraAJarrett Laura Jarrett
.@juliaIoffe Julia Ioffe
.@JohnKingCNN John King
.@matthewamiller Matthew Miller
.@emptywheel Marcy Wheeler
.@joshgerstein Josh Gerstein
.@JaxAlemany Jacqueline Alemany
.@EJDionne EJ Dionne Jr
.@KlasfeldReports Adam Klasfeld
.@DavidCayJ David Cay Johnston
.@WajahatAli Wajahat Ali *
.@trymainelee Trymaine Lee
.@aimeeallison Aimee Allison
.@EboniKWilliams Eboni K. Williams