It took the election of the first black President to expose the integrated news media’s fifty-year day to day racist practice of supporting the police in race and police encounters, which is the lack of news media accountability in race and police encounters that’s at the root of the unsolved race and social justice problem. 

The “The Big Cover-Up” video and the analysis presented here shows despite integration of both of these professions, police and press, they have both continued in their little-known pre-integration racist practices. It’s like peeling away layers of the proverbial onion, one racist revelation leads to another leaving us with this singular awareness of this widespread racist practice imbedded in the integrated news media. More importantly, it shows our watchdog groups–the NAACP and Black Lives Matter even missed this Prof. Gates-Sgt. Crowley classic racist incident involving President Obama. That revelation led to seeing that these organizations have been totally oblivious to this news media ongoing racist practice of supporting the police in their day to day race and police encounters. We’re missing this basic layer of news media accountability in day-to-day race and police encounters.

The clear responsibility of apparently being the only source aware of this long-standing news media systemic racists practice cannot be overstated. It shows what’s at stake with the purpose, endeavor, and objective of this website, which is to expose and and address the key little-known news media racist practice at the root of the unsolved race and social justice problem.

The “The Big Cover-Up” video turns out to be exhibit “A” in exposing America’s integrated news media’s best kept racist secret tradition and practice of supporting the police in race and police encounters. However, the video also shows the entire news media knowingly covering up an illegal racists arrest and cover-up consistent with their racist tradition and practice of supporting the police in race and police encounters and choosing not to deviate from that racists practice despite the involvement of the first black President, Obama.   

Winning The Election

The most disturbing fact revealed in “The Big Cover-Up” video is the unmistakable news media’s racist practice. There is no way to sugar coat it. The news media’s response to the Gates-Crowley-Obama, affair says it all, and amounts to revealing a deep-seated unwritten editorial racist practice, the integrated news media is literally saying to black Americans that even if you get to be President we’re still going to stay with our practice of supporting the police in race and police encounters even if it includes an illegal racist arrest and a police cover-up and misconduct.

This is America’s news media’s best kept racist secret finally being exposed and once we connect the dots, the reality is clear and irrefutable. We have the “police code of silence,”  combined with the news media knowingly supporting police illegal misconduct in race and police encounters. That’s the permissive environment police have been operating under long before we get to the headline-grabbing police killings of unarmed blacks, these are permissive conditions that have made the police killings predictable if not inevitable.


To be clear, we are not exposing a racist conspiracy, it’s far more powerful than that. It’s the witting or unwitting systemic racist way of reporting so ingrained in the culture of the news media profession it’s even news to many of the news people themselves who are engaged in this racists practice, which will be a revelation to some of them once they watch the video. It’s a custom and tradition that has persisted in the profession despite being integrated that we can’t change.



However, fortunately, what we can change, with this exposé, is fully explaining this racist news media practice and put in place this game-changing, obvious solution. Which is this integrated, all-inclusive, all-American, national cable news television network with accountability in the everyday race and police encounters where its been missing. This is the needed racial advancement that the government can’t make happen that can only be achieved by us in the private sector.

It begins with us raising $500.000.00 with our GoFundMe campaign to produce the pilot for this groundbreaking national cable TV news media network.  The Big Cover-Up” video is the must-see “smoking gun” wake-up-call centerpiece of the one-hour pilot, which we will televise nationally with paid-for commercial spots showing not only is it a major racial advancement, it’s also a sound business concept and what the solution is all about. It’s about this long-overdue news media structural game-changer and opportunity to fix this basic systemic racist lack of news media accountability in race and police encounters problem. This will establish the all-inclusive news media operation presumed to already be in place.


“All-inclusive” is the key – meaning we are not going to continue marginalizing ourselves by being a 24-7 black national cable news television network version of Jet, Ebony or BET. Our all-inclusive enlightened editorial philosophy will cover the same national news as the other major news organizations but include the issues, interests, and concerns of black Americans, which they have been omitting. This gives us a competitive advantage over the major news entities providing a more comprehensive representation of events as they unfold. Most important, we will include accountability where it has never been not automatically supporting police in race and police encounters.

    A WHOLE NEW WAY OF SEEING OURSELVES BASED ON REAL EMPOWERMENT We are introducing a whole new way for us to see ourselves as black Americans. No longer will we be this helpless powerless race relying on demonstrations for news media attention. Establishing this all-inclusive national news organization will move us from the sidelines to the forefront in the national news media arena, finally making us full participants in society. This is the all-inclusive national news media concept America has been missing, has needed, and has been waiting for.