Wow! Somebody Finally Figured Out This Race And Social Justice Thing


When some of our wealthiest – among the biggest beneficiaries of the “civil rights movement,” take a stand on racial injustices, relying on mimicking iconic demonstrations of people who didn’t have nearly the resources of today’s multimillionaires fifty years ago, it raises the question. In this day and time, can’t we be more effective than these demonstrations? In the words, Obama made famous. “Yes, we can.”

“There Is No Substitute For awareness. It’s All About Not Knowing What You Don’t Know”

Let’s address two issues straight up,  starting with the kneeling during the National Anthem controversy, 

Cain Smith Kellerman

Why were these smart outspoken sportscasters unable to come up with the solution to the race and social justice problem with their  know-it-all words to the “National Anthem Kneelers?” The answer is simple. It’s because they don’t know what they don’t know. The same reason Roger Goodell and his billionaire owners and millionaire ballplayers failed. It’s the same reason President Obama’s conference of CEO’s, civil rights leaders, and big-city police chiefs failed.   Those were all a group of our best and brightest problem solvers. There is no substitute for awareness. It’s either you are informed or you are uninformed.

“Awareness Is A Key Ingredient In Success. If You Have It, Teach It, If You Lack It Seek It.” Michael Kitson

Granted these men don’t have the advantage of the historical reference we have nor the insight and perspective we bring to the equation. It starts in how we see ourselves. We have never conceded the news media arena to the mainstream news media and particularly once they integrated. Employees don’t determine editorial policy when it comes to race matters. That’s “sacred cow” controlled editorial territory as demonstrated in “The Big Cover-Up” video.    

Here’s our take on the National Anthem “Kneelers.” First of all, those original National Anthem protesters did their thing just as the civil rights movement was becoming successful, integration was being implemented, and when these guys didn’t have a dime. Tommie Smith and John Carlos put their future financial careers on the line and paid the price.


Secondly, to reach back to that general protests after all that has been achieved is like conceding the flag and anthem to those isolated haters. They displayed their flag and anthem in Charleston and were endorsed by the hater-in-chief in the White House. Secondly, we have yet to use the most effective tool available to make those in authority accountable. Our advice and example to the protesters are understand how to raise your game and get behind this actual advancement to unprecedented empowerment.


The launch of our all-inclusive 24-7 national cable news television network will give black Americans national news media representation for the first time in history. It’s spearheaded by our $500,000 minimum GoFundMe” campaign to produce the pilot. Once produced, with corporate commercials showing it to be a sound business concept, the pilot will be streamed nationally via YouTube.

“All-inclusive” is the key – meaning we are not going to continue marginalizing ourselves by being a 24-7 black national cable news television network version of Jet, Ebony or BET. Our all-inclusive enlightened editorial philosophy will cover the same national news as the other major news organizations but include the issues, interests, and concerns of black Americans, which they have been omitting. This gives us a competitive advantage over the major news entities providing a more comprehensive representation of events as they unfold. Most important, we will include accountability where it has never been and not defer to law enforcement in race matters.


We are introducing a whole new way for us to see ourselves as black Americans. No longer will we be this helpless powerless race relying on demonstrations for news media attention, which amounts to going through a middleman mainstream news media. Establishing our own national news organization will move us from the sidelines to the forefront in the national news media arena, finally making us full participants in society. This is the all-inclusive national news media concept America has been missing, has needed, and has been waiting for.

For the first time in history, we finally have a clear choice as black Americans. We can support establishing our own national news media representation and become full participants in society or continue to be marginalized second class citizens relying on marches and demonstration as our go-to move to combat racial injustice. Philanthropies have spent billions over these post-civil rights years on the unsolved race and social justice problem. Understandably, not everyone has an interest in seeing this problem solved.

The concept of giving back is widely embraced but the awareness of this opportunity to support unprecedented empowerment and full participation in society is little known. Our minimum $500,000 GoFundMe campaign to produce the television pilot is sitting and waiting for the word to get around exposing this logical, common-sense solution, giving black Americans the most significant advancement since the success of the civil rights movement.

This is not just filling a news media void. This is finally putting in place the protection that comes with exercising our first amendment rights of a free press in the constitution. One thing we hope to achieve is changing the powerless mentality being passed along to our youth, thinking our only option is to remain powerless and subservient with demonstrations being our go-to move. This, we are countering by showing we can assert ourselves in the news media arena and become full participants in society.