Letter to Sports Agents & Players


This solution is being sent to agents & players and shared with owners in the interests of full disclosure. This issue stumped your entire profession like most of the nation that has yet to figure this thing out. The one question to ask yourselves. Had this solution been in place, would there have been the National Anthem protests? Let’s see if the light comes on.


Dear NFL Agent,

In sharing this obvious solution to the “race and social justice issue” with you agents, to be sent to your clients, there is a critical point to keep in mind. None of you were able to come up with a solution that addressed your players/clients concerns about this issue that put your profession in a racial quandary yet to be solved. However, there’s no shame in that failure. It’s a long-term societal problem you were seeking to address that has stumped our best and brightest, over the years.

Obama’s conference of corporate heads, civil rights leaders and law enforcement heads, and Goodell’s billionaires owners and millionaire player’s conference suffered the same fruitless fate in studying this issue, ending in raising millions toward other racial concerns leaving the issue that prompted their conferences unaddressed and unsolved.

If the thought doesn’t occur of, why don’t we have our own national news media representation, to the NFL kneeling NBA Espy speech-making demonstrators whose purpose is trying various ways to attract news media attention, it’s not likely you agents or owners will figure it out either. The question is can any of you even recognize the solution when it’s presented to you? In any case, below is the solution and the opportunity to be acted on and shared with your clients.


Dear Player,

The last remaining institutional racial inequality of black Americans being without national news media representation is finally being addressed. It consists of a 24-7 national cable news television network and a 24-7 online news magazine. To launch this endeavor we have begun our $50,000 GoFundMe campaign, which started (11-27-2018) to produce our television pilot for the launch of our all-inclusive national news media operation. For the complete story go to our website https://usathisweek.com

“All-inclusive” is the key, meaning we will not marginalize or limit ourselves by being a black national television news media version of Jet, Ebony or BET. It means we will cover and report on the same national and international newsworthy events as the other major news organizations but include what they have been demonstrably omitting, which are the issues, interests, and concerns of black Americans with the ability to impose accountability where it has never been.

This is an opportunity to support an endeavor elevating a whole race to a level of unprecedented empowerment few have ever envisioned or imagined, moving us from the sidelines to the front-lines in the national news media arena with a competitive advantage in being more informative, comprehensive and complete in our reporting, making all Americans more informed. Finally making us as black Americans full participants in the society.

“The Big Cover-Up” video on our website presents a classic example of us covering the same newsworthy event involving President Obama and exposing press and police complicity. It answers the two pertinent questions. Is this needed? And “How we’ll Make It Happen” explained with our “people power” capitalization game plan.

We have been stuck relying on protests and demonstrations for news media attention as our go-to remedy toward racial injustice for far too long. One thing for sure, “nothing’s going to change unless we change something.” This logical, common sense, right of a free press, constitution based solution needs only exposure to gain the necessary support to make it happen. Second class is unacceptable when first class is attainable. Just because no one has figured this thing out before is no reason to ignore the solution now. This is the long-awaited change America has needed and been waiting for.

No donation’s too large or too little nor is there a limit on how long we can conduct our GoFundMe funding campaign. This means in continuing to share this awareness-raising concept we will eventually reach enough Americans supportive of this endeavor. We know there are plenty of you out there, it’ all about getting this information to you.

I hope you are among those who support this undertaking. GoFundMe has an anonymous option if you choose.

Thanks for your time and consideration,

James Babington-Johnson
Ph# 866-319-9008