It was the first race and police incident involving the first black President in the first year of his presidency, which means all news media eyes were

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on this story — the Sgt. Crowley Professor Gates affair. What unfolded was a racist travesty that ended up exposing the source of the unsolved race and social justice problem. More importantly, it showed the obvious solution to this longstanding unsolved race problem. It’s the establishment of news media imposed accountability in race matters, which has been missing because of the little known racist practice in the news media of deferring to law enforcement in race matters, a solution we are now putting in place.

Justin Amash

It’s hard not to see the comparison with members of the integrated news media and the Republican members of Congress who have totally conceded their former stated values to those of a corrupt Trump administration, all going along with the program with but one exception to date, Congressman Justin Amash. “The Big Cover-Up” video, by comparison, shows members of the integrated mainstream news media capitulating their journalistic ethics and moral values to accommodate a news media unwritten racist rule of supporting the police in race matters. The involvement of the black President, Barack Obama, showed they even knowingly cover up police misconduct when race is involved and President Obama as President was not exempted.

The Big Cover-Up” video is critical in exposing this racist practice in the integrated news media because unlike the Republican members of Congress being totally aware of their sycophancy, there’s a question of witting or unwitting participation by those in the news media. However, what they both have in common is neither’s agenda is serving the interests of the nation.

Starting 6-30-2019 We are reaching out to over two hundred listed members of the news media sharing, what is a revelation for some and possibly a reminder for others, this racist travesty in which many members in the news media participated.

The Source Of The Problem Has Been Identified Which Makes The Solution Obvious

But for The Big Cover-Up” video this brazen cooperation with a lying police officer and his police chief by the entire news media would have slipped into that vast vault of untold stories of press and police cover-ups involving race. It’s the big racist secret that keeps the myth alive of the integrated news media is no longer engaged in these racist practices.

Sgt Crowley and fellow officers

The video destroys the two most self-defeating integration myths, showing blacks in law enforcement and the news media just as compliant with the racist tradition and practice as their peers. The “Perry Mason moment” documented in the video shows Sgt. Crowley’s false police report exposed lies in his own voice converting “suitcases” to “backpacks” and “Hispanics” to “black males” in the nationally televised 911 call that played on CNN and Fox News.

It’s Not Just Fox News, They All Do It

In order for the cover-up to be successful, (literally, put the toothpaste back in the tube) it had to be collectively ignored by MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, the hosts and news people who were around during the first years of the Obama administration plus the entire news media. Nevertheless, that’s exactly what happened, making the cover-up successful up until this revelation on this website.

For those in the news media who may have had a pang of conscience at the time but felt powerless do anything about the racist travesty, this is an opportunity to support this obvious remedy. The moralizing by these news people against the Republican congressional Trump supporters, we totally support but would like to point out their own racist complicity with law enforcement to put the glaring double standard in perspective.

Van Susteran and Cooper

Both Anderson Cooper of CNN and Greta Van Susteran of Fox New initially engaged in straight forward reporting on this race and police incident involving the black President. They were apparently reigned in by their news organizations since neither followed up on their nationally televised scoops exposing Sgt. Crowley lying on his police report. (obvious consciousness of guilt).

Chris Hayes

Among the over 200 news people on our outreach list, there are a couple of generations that have come along after the Obama period who are being acculturated into the racist tradition of deferring to law enforcement in race matters. A more recent incident of this racist tutorial conditioning of neophyte journalists was on full display with Chris Hayes interviewing Spencer Ackerman of “The Guardian,” a British news organization. On his MSNBC primetime segment “All In With Chris Hayes.” Chris was incredulous on how the Chicago Police Department Holman Square black sites could engage in secret incarceration and torture of minorities operating for over ten years with no news media exposure despite the presence of major national news media organizations in Chicago.

Who knows how often this teaching scenario has played out where a journalist has indicated their interests in going after a racial injustice story and learns that he or she is in “sacred cow” “we don’t cover that” territory. However, in this case, it’s clear Chris Hayes had few options. Taking on the Chicago news media even if he wanted to, doesn’t seem to have been a choice available to him. This is yet more evidence along with “The Big Cover-Up” video showing the only solution to this problem is to establish our own all-inclusive national new media operation. We’re talking about covering and reporting the news the way the American people presumed the integrated mainstream news media was doing. Few if any knew, they have actually been aiding and abetting police misconduct in race matters.

The Question For The Integrated Mainstream News Media: Whose Interests Are You Serving Maintaining These Racists Practices?

This news media racist practice is baked in and has not been altered by integration. This is not just hurting black Americans it’s doing a disservice to the nation and all of the American people by supporting the police in race matters. However, with the existence of our own all-inclusive national news media operation presenting a more accurate account of events and imposing accountability where it has never been, we will provide the kind of news media operation the American people thought they were getting from the integrated news media. We are sharing this solution, with over 200 news people. We only need a few folks to join this effort to make this happen by joining our GoFundMe $50,000 minimum campaign to produce the Pilot, which is the first step of this endeavor to change the course of history.

Once the Pilot is produced with commercial spots paid for by major corporations showing it’s a viable business concept it will be streamed nationally via Youtube and Vimeo. It will include the ownership stock presentation to the American people. One million shares will be offered at $200 each a maximum of 5 shares per individual. This approach has the additional advantage of giving us an initial viewer/co-owner built-in audience of one million and $200 million to launch the all-inclusive national cable news television network.

It’s our responsibility to launch this all-inclusive 24-7 national cable news television network and 24-7 online news magazine giving black Americans national news media representation for the first time in history. Equally important is to provide the kind of national news media operation America thought they were getting with the integrated news media, which has been needed and the nation is waiting for. Once this all-inclusive news media operation is established the major news organizations will no longer have the freedom to engage in their racist practices without being accountable.

As For Members Of The News Media:

One can help and be part of the solution or remain part of the problem. However, if you have reached this point in the story you are at least aware of the problem. Join our $50,000 minimum GoFundMe campaign to produce the pilot.