Uncovering The Crime Of The Century


If You Think This Is Just A Black Thing You’re Missing The Point


This is like the crime of the century against the American people. Or at least half a century since no one has been able to figure out the solution to the “race and social justice problem” for theseThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Civil-rights.jpg fifty years since integration and the success of the civil rights movement.

It’s close to being a perfect crime because few are aware this “race and social justice problem”  has an actual source, a real perpetrator and a solution. The general perception seems to be no use looking for a culprit or a solution. Let’s accept the “race and social justice problem” as just the way things are and make the best of it.

Au contraire, the signs have been there, the whole time this problem has been gestating, pointing to the source and the solution to this “race and social justice problem.” Graphic images of excessive force and the unjustified police killing of unarmed black males have surfaced due to technological advancements of camera phones, and YouTube.  These awareness-raising revelations of racial injustices were rarely covered and revealed over the years by the integrated mainstream news media.

This technology raised awareness prompted new publicity seeking demonstrations from “Black Lives Matter” to NFL National Anthem protest and NBA ESPS group speech demonstrations. A numberThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is BFP-1.jpg of high-profile black professional ball-players began to speak up against these injustices,  less mindful than in the past of financial repercussions for taking a stand in an area some consider controversial.

President Obama marshaled all the powers’ of the Presidency convening some of our best and brightest major corporate CEO’s, civil rights leaders, Big City police chiefs to launch his “My Brother’s This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Obama-3-1.jpgKeeper Initiative.” with the race and social justice problem” sitting there remaining unsolved. Prompted by the NFL National Anthem protest, Roger Goodell convened his own conference of select NFL owners and players seeking the elusive solution.

Here’s The Breaking News On The Crime Of The Century

The reason “the race and social justice problem” has remained unsolved is because few if any have known of the decisive role the integrated news media has played in its practice of supporting the police in race matters. The presumption has been with integration the news media ended their pre-civil rights racist practice. They actually never ended those racist practices, which we fully documented this continuation in “The Big Cover-Up” video.

It takes a video showing the entire news media acting collectively and in concert knowingly supporting police misconduct to show this is an unwritten rule in the news media as real in the news media as the code of silence in law enforcement.  

The presumed accountability integration was expected to provide has never existed. “The Big Cover-Up” video shows the role of the integrated news media is even more treacherous.  It’s showing the news media actually knowingly covering-up police misconduct in a case that even the involvement of the black president did not deter their racist practice.

 The “right of a free press has never been more appreciated and shown its importance than as the counter force to this attack on our democracy coming from the Whitehouse. 

The unsolved race and social justice problem,” is being viewed as a “black thing.” However, it’s time to correct the twisted logic that has an entire news media thinking they are doing the American people a service in supporting racists police practices against black Americans and deceiving the entire nation.

It appears this mindset is so ingrained among black and white members in the mainstream news media the problem is seen as a black thing to be of minimal concern. In the meantime, it’s the whole nation that being duped while this news media’s little known racist practice of supporting the police in race matters continues. “The Big Cover-Up” video provides irrefutable evidence and the ultimate “smoking gun.”

The point here is to show this is systemic. The only effective solution is structural change from without, which is the all-inclusive national news operation we are launching. The individual members in the mainstream  news media seem to have little choice but to” go along to get along to get ahead.”  We have shown, the mainstream news media organizational policy is well established to support the police in race matters.    This brings us to the obvious solution, which is the establishment of our own all-inclusive national news media operation, which we break down how we’ll make it happen here.  

As For Members Of The News Media:

One can help and be part of the solution or remain part of the problem. However, if you have reached this point in the story you are at least aware of the problem. Join our $50,000 minimum GoFundMe campaign to produce the pilot.