Letter Rescuing The NFL From Donald Trump


On May 7, 2018, we sent the following letter to Stephen Ross of the Miami Dolphins, Arthur Blank of the Atlanta Falcons, Jimmy Haslam of the Cleveland Browns, Shahid Khan of the Jacksonville Jaguars, and William Bidwill of the Arizona Cardinals. They should hope we get this all-inclusive national cable news television media operation up and running before the season starts less their misguided quandary continues providing the hater in chief in the White house fodder for sewing more divisiveness. In the meantime, we have moved on.

Dear Owner player committee member,

The NFL’s National Anthem player protests quandary has morphed into a combination of how to address the players concerns and counter the President’s destructive actions. Here’s how the NFL can “create an environment in which players will no longer want to protest,” leave you-know-who with no option but to STFU and achieve this ideal solution with a single player owner press conference? www.usathisweek.com 


First, we want to clarify that the demonstrations were directed at police brutality and unjustified killings of unarmed black men. Our goal was to draw national news media attention to this racial injustice. We regret that there were those who chose to seize on this call for racial justice as an opportunity to turn the message into a divisive test of patriotism. There will be no more confusion; We have a more direct means to bring national news media attention to these issues by supporting the establishment a new all-inclusive national news media operation that will include national news media representation for Africa Americans for the first time in our history.  Thank You

That was their get out of jail key we sent them. To be clear, we are launching, an all-inclusive national news media operation competing with CNN, MSNBC, etc., which is the ultimate solution for the NFL and for America. We will have a competitive edge by including what our competition has been leaving out, which is a national new media representation for African Americans for the first time in history. The way things have evolved, not every entity purporting to support our advancement to unprecedented empowerment sees this development as being in their interests. There’s a substantial philanthropic community in this race and social justice arena of givers and receivers that count on things staying the way they are to justify their continued existence. Paradoxically, it puts the purported helpers on the same side of the street as the haters when it comes to this ultimate advancement. 

Conversely, for the NFL there is no question this is in their interests. The race and social justice problem is inextricably connected to African Americans being marginalized in not having national news media representation and the inherent accountability imposing capability, all of which we are addressing with this endeavor. However, the NFL players and owners are not the only parties having viewed this opportunity beneficial to their interest and failed to recognize it.

Nevertheless, this is about getting the job done. Our website provides more in-depth information on this sociological phenomenon of the most visible, vilified and victimized race being without our own national news media representation. We have devised a more realistic approach to acquire the $50,000 to produce television news day pilot.  “The Big Cover-Up” video is for those who are unaware of the significance of news media representation and irrefutable justification for this endeavor. 

This “People Power” approach is far more realistic and doable. It’s just a matter of making the stakes crystal clear to Americans and black Americans in particular. Finally having an-all-inclusive national news media operation that includes relevant information on African Americans is the logical solution to this race and social justice problem because it introduces the missing ingredient, which is news media imposed accountability. As we have demonstrated the mainstream news media has a tradition and practice of deferring to law enforcement in race matters. 

This leaves open this news media void that we are filling with this long-awaited all-inclusive national news media operation, which has such far-reaching implications. Most important, the opportunity to become the leading national news media operation in having the competitive advantage of including what the other news organizations have been omitting is unavoidable. The product is information. This is pioneer territory, beyond the imagination of so many but not beyond their hope, which makes our “GoFundMe” campaign seem well worth seeing what this advancement and unprecedented empowerment looks like in this   “People Power” fundraising concept.