Recent well-publicized efforts and protest ranging from Obama’s My Brother‘s Keeper initiative, the NFL players protest and subsequent players owners committee meeting not to mention countless other community action groups show there is no shortage of people and money looking for that elusive solution to the race and social justice problem.

Having fully identified the problem in this media-driven age, the most visible, vilified and victimized race in the nation is without national news media presence and representation, the solution becomes obvious and logical. It’s summed up in one overriding issue: the absence of accountability, which has allowed these racist forces to act with impunity. The establishment of our own national news media will directly address the problem.

We’re launching a 24/7 all-inclusive national cable news television network and 24/7 online news magazine giving African Americans national news representation for the first time in history. All-inclusive means we are not limiting or marginalizing ourselves by being a black news organization about black people. We are going to compete with the other major news organizations covering the same national and international news. There other issues besides race matters, all of which we will cover as a more comprehensive national news media organization (from climate change to immigration to health care and more) with the distinct competitive advantage of including what they have been omitting, which is the interest and concerns of African Americans and its relative impact on society.

Perhaps, what’s even more at stake is the perspective and mentality we are introducing by example to African Americans. With this endeavor, we are showing black Americans not only do we need national news media representation but there is no reason we can’t be the leading news media operation in America. The news is about the selection and dissemination of information, which is a matter of choice. “The Big Cover-Up” video shows in real time how the mainstream news media defers to law enforcement in race matters and knowingly covers up police misconduct when race is involved. This racially oriented police and press complicity does not happen in every instance but often enough to show it’s a real a practice in the news media as the code of silence is in law enforcement.

This is far more than just a good idea. “The Big Cover Up” video, which we produced is exhibit “A” showing how critical it is for us to have our own national news media operation, the ability to impose accountability where it has never been and how news media exposure works as a deterrent. The video is a classic example of the news media knowingly covering up police misconduct in a case involving race, showing not even the black president was exempt from this racist practice.

This being such a novel, liberating empowering concept, a cable news television pilot is mandatory to give both potential investors and everyone else a full news-day televised example of the kind of game-changing all-inclusive news operation America needs and has been waiting for.

The concept has never been the problem. Acquiring the capital to produce a television news day pilot justifying the final capital outlay to launch the national cable new television network is the ongoing challenge. However with the advancement in social media and a plan of collective people power action we feel we have solved the fundraising challenge. Check out “The Big Cover-Up” video, and after viewing the ultimate justification for this news media operation sign up for the “The $20 Price Is Right “ People Power game plan.