“He who knows not and knows not that he knows not…” This Arab proverb sums up our position, mission, and the ultimate justification for this breakthrough, integrated, all-inclusive, national news media operation we’re launching and introducing to the nation. 

We finally have the evidence and information to share with black and white Americans to gain support for the solution to the unsolved race and social justice problem that has stumped the nation and the race for these fifty   years of integration. 

We say evidence because this is like solving a cold case file. We’re finally exposing and addressing the little known continuation of the pre-integration racist news media practice of supporting the police in race and police encounters. This little known racist news media practice  is at the root of the unsolved race and social justice problem that black Americans have endured unknowingly since integration.

In fact, with the integration of police departments and news rooms, camera phones and YouTube have shown that integration has not stopped police from continuing their pre-integration racist offenses. Even “the George Floyd killing” included two minority cops among the four police involved. However, the long standing integrated racist news media practice of supporting the police in race and police encounters has lacked video evidence until the election of the first black President and our vigilance kicked in to capture on video the racist police incident that exposed the whole racist news media problem in real time. 

We now  have “The Big Cover-Up” video  showing the entire news media not only supporting the police in this race and police encounter but knowingly promoting a racist illegal arrest and cover-up directed at the involvement of the black President. This breakthrough video shows the reality of this news media racists practice. More importantly, it unlocks the understanding of how this blatant news media support of this racist police action involving President Obama committed so blatantly and publicly in the nation’s face, was missed by everyone. Nevertheless, we caught and captured it all on this breakthrough, liberating, ”The Big Cover-Up” video

This comes down to the irrefutable fact that the integrated news media knowingly engaged in its racist practice of supporting the police in this race and police encounter involving President Obama. The video  revealed a number of other undeniable facts showing how we are in this position of being without news media accountability in race and police encounters.

The whole nation has settled into this unsolved race and social justice reality,  totally oblivious to this basic lack of structural news media accountability in race and police encounters. It appears that during these fifty years of integration we’ve been fooling ourselves with “integration delusion,” defined as thinking that with integration the press and police ended their traditional racist practices. However, the video shows black cops and reporters literally contorting themselves to go along with the systemic racist practice of their professions in this revealing incident and video involving the black President.  

The video  shows a classic example of “integration delusion” with Colin Powel on CNN and Juan Williams on Fox news, prominent black men, both on national television assuring the nation that the presence of black and Hispanic officers means that no racist offense occurred in this Sgt. Crowley    Prof. Gates affair. However, even more adamant in denouncing Professor Gates in support of Sgt Crowley was Stephen A Smith appearing on MSNBC. Then the video shows the false police report filed by Sgt Crowley and the two black cops vouching for the lying police Sgt More importantly, it shows  this police and press complicity in  race and police encounters, which    no one’s aware of the  existence of this racist news media problem.     

Our research reveals  blacks being completely unaware of this racist news media problem is surprisingly widespread. It has escaped the awareness of all of our great writers and thinkers going all the way back to James Baldwin, Maya Angelou, Toni Morrison, and up to current day famous black authors like Alice Walker, Kendi X, and Ta-Nehisi Coates even Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who currently writes and publicizes  essays on the subject of race and social justice they all simply have no clue no fault of their own. 


This news media racist practice of supporting the police in race and police encounters has been and remains America’s best kept racist unknown practice. We appear to be the only knowledgeable source of this problem.. Nevertheless, we’re definitely the only source that has caught and captured the undeniable  evidence of this news media racist practice on video.


Few will find it acceptable to learn of  this racist practice of the news media knowingly supporting an illegal racist arrest and cover-up that was directed at the black President?  This is at the root of the longstanding unsolved race and social justice problem. This news media racist complicity is so endemic that many of those in the integrated news media are unaware that they are engaged in the practice. That’s what makes “The Big Cover-Up” video so valuable and revealing.  

Our advancements and achievements have been spectacular collectively and individually, politically and economically.  We can list many of  these various groups and individuals who have excelled in this society  even while this basic racist news media problem has remained unidentified and unchecked.           

This is not a conscious racist conspiracy.  It’s far more powerful than that. It’s part of the editorial culture  in the news media  profession just as the code of silence is with police, which integration did not change. That means with the news media it can’t be changed from within. Even as we have informed black and  white journalists of this problem there is little they can do from within the profession.  

The only solution is for us to establish this independent integrated all-inclusive national news media operation with the editorial policy and practice to include accountability in race and police encounters that’s been missing. 

That’s what makes our GoFundMe fundraising campaign the ideal funding source to raise the necessary minimum $500,000 to produce our television pilot to show supporters and potential investors at the next level what this all-inclusive national cable news television network is all about. It consists of a 24/7 cable news television network and a 24/7 online news magazine that will prioritize including black Americans having national news media accountability in race and police encounters for the first time in history.

It’s really quite simple, if you see that the mainstream news media is engaged in an editorial practice and tradition that supports police in race and police encounters to include police misconduct when race is involved, it’s clear there is a missing news media editorial direction yet to be achieved that people think already exist.