Serena Couldn’t Get A Break



The 2003 French Open was notable to some of us for the way Serena was rudely and  unjustly treated by the partisan French crowd. It was the third set Serena was up 4-2, 30-0 on Serena’s serve. Henin raised her hand indicating she was not ready to receive the serve and in the middle of Serena’s serving motion, which Serena promptly dumped into the net. Serena expected to receive two serves,which she should have but the umpire did not see Henin raise her hand. Everyone but the umpire in the chair saw it, which Serena pointed out to the umpire. He turned to Justine for confirmation. Justine feigned ignorance, like what is Serena talking about?  The crowd became a co-conspirator and joined in booing Serena for even asking for a second serve. Serena, visibly shaken, lost the next four points and her service game and eventually the match 6-2-4-6-75. Later a tearful and angry Serena reportedly accused Henin of “lying and fabricating.”

On the following Sunday, some of us watched the Sports Reporters an ESPN Sunday sports show consisting of four reporters discussing the top sports story of the week.  Surprisingly, not a word on that incident was mentioned on the show by the reporters. Shocking, and then again maybe not.