Another Look At The Crime Of The Century

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If You Think This Is Just A Black Thing You’re Missing The Point


This is like the crime of the century against the American people. Or at least half a century since no one has been able to figure out the solution to the race and social justice problem for these fifty years since integration and the success of the “civil rights movement.”

It’s close to being a perfect crime because few are aware that this race and social justice problem has a real perpetrator. The general perception seems to be no use looking for a source or a This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Crowley-gates.jpgsolution let’s accept the race and social justice problem as just the way things are and make the best of it.

Au contraire, the signs for where to look for the source and the solution to this race and social justice problem have always been there in plain sight since integration and the success of the “civil rights movement.”  Graphic images of excessive force and the unjustified police killing of unarmed black males surfaced due to technological advancement, camera phones, and YouTube. These devices raised a whole new level of awareness with the public of these racial injustices in action, which were rarely covered and revealed by the integrated news media over the years.

The camera phone, Youtube/facebook raising awareness of these racists injustices prompted new publicity seeking demonstrations from “Black Lives Matter” to NFL National Anthem protests and NBA ESPS group speech demonstrations. A number of This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is BFP-1.jpghigh-profile black professional ball-players began to speak up voicing their concerns for these police driven racial injustices, less mindful of financial repercussions for taking a stand in an area many consider controversial.

Around the same time, President Obama marshaled all the power of the Presidency convening some of our best and brightest major corporate CEO’s, civil rights leaders, big city police chiefs to launch his “My Brother’s Keeper Initiative,” with the race and social justice problem sittingThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Obama-3.jpg there remaining unsolved.

Prompted by the NFL National Anthem protest, Roger Goodell convened his own conference of select NFL owners and players seeking the elusive solution to the race and social justice problem to no avail.

The Crime And Our Racial Malpractice:

The reason the race and social justice problem has remained unsolved these many years is because few if any have known of the decisive role the integrated news media has played in its practice of supporting the police in race matters. The presumption has been with the integration of police departments and the news media their pre-civil rights racist practices ended, which has actually continued uninterrupted in both professions. 

The excessive force and unjustified police killing of unarmed black males to this day is common knowledge needing no proof of these continued racists’ practices with police.  On the other hand, it’s the integrated news media’s unknown continued racists practice of supporting the police in race matters that has allowed the police to engage in their racist’s activities with virtual impunity,  which we have fully documented in “The Big Cover-Up” video.

This means the presumed accountability racial integration was expected to provide by the mainstream news media has been nowhere in sight. “The Big Cover-Up” video shows an even more treacherous role of the integrated news media. While enjoying the public perception of being fair and unbiased, the video documents black and white news people individually and collectively knowingly covering up police misconduct in a race case that even the involvement of the black president did not deter their racist actions.

IThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Obama-and-Crawley.pngn other words, this is not an isolated case of this news media racist treachery. If they do it to the black President this shows this is systemic in the integrated news media.    

The unanswered question is do these news organizations think they are doing the nation a service with their racist agenda of supporting the police in race matters? Or is this an inability to end their “pre-civil rights movement” racist practices?   Our position is the American people want and think they are getting an unbiased honest integrated national news media operation, not one that is continuing to be supportive of police officers indulging in their racist agenda.

As far as the complicity of individuals in the news media profession, answers come with the understanding of plain old human nature. In institutions and professions,  people go along with the powers in place.  As with this news media “unwritten rule” of deferring to police in race matters as exposed in “The Big Cover-Up” video, the This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Justin-Amash-1.jpgtendency is to “go along to get along to get ahead.” It’s not just in politics and it’s not just with Senators like Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio. Justin Amash is the exception and we need a lot more like him.

However, this is where we are with this integrated news media that claims to be all about truth, honesty, and integrity. “The Big Cover-Up” video shows their inability to maintain the standards they are attempting to hold others to when it comes to racist practices in their profession. However, for those in the news media who recognize their witting or unwitting complicity in the “race and social justice problem,” this is an opportunity to help us get it right.

Our Malpractice:

There are reasons but no justification for the most visible and vilified race in the nation, African Americans,  46 million and growing spending $1.2 trillion annually and counting to be without national news media representation. This is racial malpractice at its zenith. With the success of the civil rights movement and integration, along with the belief that this ended the racial bias in both law enforcement and the news media,  many naively believed black folks would go into these professions as crusaders versus pursuing career advancement.   

Among far too many black Americans, naivete is only exceeded by a sense of submissiveness and acquiescence to the racially integrated mainstream This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Theyre-all-here-1.jpgnews media.  The public statements by Colin Powel and Juan Williams in “The Big Cover-Up” video are emblematic of this misguided belief saying that the presence of black police officers meant there was no misconduct based on race. 

“It’s going to be a long time before we feel equal As African Americans,” said LeBron James after his home in Los Angeles garage door was spray painted with the “N” word. This attitude of resignation to our position as being unequal is in direct opposition to what we are espousing.

We are introducing a whole new way for black Americans to see ourselves and how we conduct ourselves. No longer as a weak, helpless race relying on demonstrations to show concern for racial injustice to appeal to a middle-man unsympathetic integrated news media that’s been supporting racists police misconduct.  Establishing our own all-inclusive 24-7 national cable news television network means we are putting in place the news media concept people thought they were already getting until we exposed the integrated racially biased mainstream news media that’s been supporting racist police practices.  

We have generations of black Americans thinking it’s all about symbolic actions, speeches, and demonstrations. In the meantime, the most powerful substantive action to advance us to unprecedented empowerment is now being engaged needing no demonstrations or congressional actions to make it happen. It Just requires the support of our  $50,000 minimum GoFundMe campaign to produce the pilot.    


The unsolved race and social justice problem is being viewed as a “black thing.” However, it’s time to correct the limited thinking that has an entire news media thinking they are doing the American people a service in supporting racists police practices against black Americans and deceiving the entire nation.

As For Members Of The News Media:

One can help and be part of the solution or remain part of the problem. However, if you have reached this point in the story you are at least aware of the problem. Join our $50,000 minimum GoFundMe campaign to produce the pilot and help us correct this injustice.