Few are aware that despite integration the mainstream news media has continued their little-known pre-integration racists practice of supporting the police in race and police encounters. Even fewer are aware that this systemic racist news media editorial practice is at the root of the unsolved race and social justice problem, much less knowing that its been going on undetected and undeterred during  these fifty years of integration.

It took the election of the black President and a race and police incident that was elevated to national stop-the-press attention by President Obama’s involvement to give us the ultimate video evidence to expose this systemic news media racist editorial practice. It allowed us to show  there’s an unwritten racist rule as real in the news media as the code of silence is in law enforcement. Plus show other factors that have allowed this unsolved race and social justice problem to persist, not the least of which is the total lack of awareness of this press and police complicity in race and police encounters, particularly among black Americans. 


Lynn Sweet, Washington bureau chief for the Chicago Sun Times, in a nationally televised Presidential press conference asked President Obama a question regarding the arrest of Professor Gates by Sgt James Crowley. Obama’s answer “that the police had acted stupidly by arresting a man for breaking into his own home,” set off a series of racist revelations of groups and individuals providing us with clear video evidence showing the depth of this systemic integrated news media racist practice of supporting the cops in race and police encounters. Equally important, it showed no awareness  among black watchdogs groups like the NAACP and Black Live Matter of this practice and this basic lack of news media accountability in race and police encounters.  

This racist practice is so ingrained in the news media that even news people who received special favors from President Obama, did not break with this racist pre-integration editorial tradition and practice of knowingly supporting racist police misconduct even in this race and police incident involving President Obama at the time.     


Obama’s favors to some of these news people were in the form of early exclusive rights to one-on-one television interviews. Brian Williams was allowed to accompany Obama on his pre-election record-breaking-crowds European tour. Rachael Maddow gained an exclusive pre-inauguration one-on-one TV interview. Certain reporters were even able to directly profit by gaining permission and access to write exclusive early best-selling Obama books. Jonathan Alter was first with his best seller, The Promise, with Obama prominently on the cover guaranteeing maximum recognition, book sales, and money in Alters’ bank account.     

Richard Wolffe soon followed with his Obama book, Renegade, which also enjoyed its time on the best sellers list. Troubling was how all of these news people who sought and received those accommodations from the new black President, were nowhere to be found to call out the racist police and press practice in their profession that we exposed and they must have seen in “The Big Cover-Up” video.  

The video is the ultimate breakthrough “smoking gun” exhibit “A” and wake-up call for black Americans and those interested in learning about the reality of this news media systemic editorial racist problem.  It shows the news media knowingly supporting the police in that racist illegal arrest and cover-up by Sgt. Crowley with the black President being criticized by the police after rightfully and correctly calling out the arrest. The evidence shows, Sgt. Crowley clearly acted wrongly in lying and filing a false police report. The video shows Anderson Cooper of CNN and Greta Van Susteren of Fox news initially took a straightforward journalistic approach, on national television exposing and questioning Sgt. Crowley’s false police report being inconsistent with his recorded exchange with the police 911 dispatcher. Apparently, that was before they got the message, because after that they both had no more follow-up coverage of Sgt. Crowley’s false arrest and cover-up. 

“The Big Cover-Up” video. shows  Sgt. Crowley, in his recorded conversation with the police dispatcher, she clearly says suitcases and Hispanics which became “backpacks” and “black males” in his written report.  Crowley’s entire police report is full of other documented lies to obviously justify his illegal arrest. (Showing his consciousness of guilt.)

The video shows the integrated mainstream news media, ignored Sgt. Crowley’s obvious lies and switched the narrative, with CNN leading by  immediately trotting out their two black host, TJ Holmes and Don Lemon to push the new angle of Sgt. Crowley being wrongly aggrieved and maligned by President Obama.

However, this exposed the much bigger story of how all of the news organizations and the journalists and reporters, including those with whom Obama had these “favor” based relationships all went along with the new narrative of the police being pissed off at the black President. Not one reporter chose to continue to pursue the facts of the false police report, which exposed the extent of the news media’s little-known systemic racist editorial practice of supporting the police in race and police encounters. But let’s be aware it’s not completely up to those in front of the camera. It’s all about the news organizations and their editorial practice. That’s why we see Cooper and Van Susteran taking two steps forward and then editorial silence.

On the other hand, the black watchdog individuals and groups like the NAACP and Black Lives Matter can raise any issues they choose. But if they miss  this fundamental news media  editorial racists practice that’s been going on since the integration of police  departments and newsrooms, they can’t call what they don’t see. They obviously totally missed this blatant public display against the first black President of the news media supporting the police misconduct in the Crowley-Gates affair. This left Obama and by extension black Americans, equally defenseless. President Obama had little choice but to pacify the news media driven “pissed off” police narrative with that infamous “beer summit.” The whole racist farce is presented in “The Big Cover-Up” video for the world to see and documented for history to record. This is a fifty-year-old major racist revelation finally being exposed with this Gates Crowley affair being the key.  

The Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca took this absence of factual reporting and the news media driven pissed off police narrative in this race and police encounter as an opportunity to stick it to President Obama by extending an award for who knows what, to the lying Sgt. Crowley after his incident was widely publicized.  What a joke.

For this racist travesty to succeed as it did, and like it has been happening for years, the integrated news media had to engage in its systemic editorial racist practice of supporting the police in these race and police encounters. This incident with Sgt Crowley and President Obama shows the depth of this systemic racist news media practice.  It’s not as if Johnathon Alters, Richard Wolffe, Rachael Maddow, Brian Williams, Chuck Todd, David  Gregory  and  all of those reporters attending or witnessing that historic press conference failed to see the same police report that Anderson Cooper and Greta Van Susteren aired in their segments on CNN and FOX News. Nor is it as if  these reporters didn’t watch the cover-up unfold along with their news organizations. They all made their editorial decision to ignore the lying police Sgt. and his police department. Also, it’s success needed not to be raised as an issue by all the black watchdog groups and individuals, which also happened.

One of the author-journalist who profited from writing one of the earlier Obama books, in a conversation,  to his credit admitted that there is a symbiotic relationship between police and press in these race and police encounters. “That’s kind of the way it is” he said in so many words. Cops share information with the press and we in turn look the other way in some areas. Despite his admission, this guy showed no guilt or interest in in getting involved in fixing the problem. To him it was like “tough titty in the big city.”   

Years later, in his memoir A Promised Land, Obama wrote that according to the White House‘s polling, this Crowley-Gates incident caused a larger drop in white support for his presidency than any other single event,[4]  That shows the power and consequences of misinformation by the news media, particularly on race and social justice and the critical need for the solution we are presenting on this website.       

“The Big Cover-Up” video makes the systemic racist news media practice we are exposing irrefutable and undeniable. It also shows it’s not going to change unless we change things ourselves. This is a basic racist news media problem that the government can’t fix. The obvious fix is to establish the news media concept that has been missing. That can only be fixed by us in the private sector, leaving us no choice but to pursue that  solution. This is the first time  Americans have been made aware of this basic news media racist problem, which we can’t afford to fail to address. 


Establishing this new integrated all-inclusive 24/7 national cable news media television operation and 24/7 on-line news magazine is the logical solution to this lack of news media accountability in race and police encounters that’s at the root of the unsolved race and social justice problem. The name itself, U.S.A.ThisWeek makes it clear this is all about an all  inclusive news media operation  and not limiting ourselves to being a black thing and marginalizing ourselves all over again. We’re putting in place exactly what we have shown has been missing, which is an all American integrated all-inclusive national news media operation that includes accountability on police in race and police encounters that has been neglected until now.