This Is Not A Black Thing This Is An American Thing


A black woman on SCOTUS, the Supreme Court Of The United States, is no guarantee nor is it automatic on how that person will perform going forward. It’s not the color, it’s the character. Exhibit “ A” is that singular bigtime disappointment and disgrace,  “this is a high tech lynching” Clarence Thomas, who has so completely lived up to his “Uncle Thomas” name. He has been a complete embarrassment for those into good character. Let’s don’t repeat that mistake.

Justice Thomas continues to come up with opinions and actions that shows he has no interests in advancing the interest and concerns of black Americans or fairness in general. He recently issued a dissenting opinion supporting Donald Trump’s bogus law suit claiming the 2020 election being steeped in fraud.
Clarence Thomas with his hero

We have a long history of black folks working against our collective interests. It’s a fact that not all slaves welcomed the Union troops. It comes down to black and white Americans have bought into the misleading myth that with the integration of police departments and newsrooms, they ceased their racist practices in these two key professions.  We know this racist practice hasn’t ended with the police, thanks to camera phones and Youtube. However, the key unknown is being unaware that it hasn’t ended with the news media, which we continue to make known on this website as well as the solution.

The integrated news media tradition and practice of supporting the police in race and police encounters is at the root of the unsolved race and social justice problem. Its America’s news media’s best kept racists secret. The news media has never missed a beat in their little known racist’s tradition and practice of supporting the police in race and police encounters as is so clearly proven in  “The Big Cover-Up” video  and in other articles on this website.

However, to be abundantly clear, we are not exposing a racist conspiracy, it’s far more powerful than that. It’s the witting or unwitting systemic racist way of reporting so ingrained in the culture of the news media profession it’s even news to many of the news people themselves who are engaged in this racists practice, which will be a revelation to some of them once they watch the video. It’s a custom and tradition that has persisted unchecked that we can’t change.

However, fortunately, what we can change, with this exposé, is fully explaining this racist news media problem and put in place this game-changing, obvious solution. Which is this integrated, all-inclusive, all-American, national cable news television network with accountability in the everyday race and police encounters where its been missing. This is the needed racial advancement that the government can’t make happen that can only be achieved by us in the private sector. It begins with us raising $500.000.00 with our GoFundMe campaign to produce the pilot for this groundbreaking national cable TV news media network.  The Big Cover-Up” video is the must-see “smoking gun” wake-up-call centerpiece of the one-hour pilot, which we will televise nationally with paid-for commercial spots showing what this solution is all about. It’s about this long-overdue news media game-changer and self-sustaining news media business concept and opportunity to fix this basic systemic racist lack of news media accountability in race and police encounters problem. This will change this “systemic racism,” in race and police encounters in the news media and finally change the nation, and the world.