For a race that excels in so many areas, the news media arena is the one key power base, with life and death consequences, in which we have yet to establish our own national news media presence and representation. More important, this endeavor takes us as black Americans from the sidelines to the front lines. There is a concept often stated by coaches in sports, which is putting their players in position to be successful. That in effect is what this development will achieve for a whole race. No way are we leaving this arena without making this happen.

There is a mentality of acquiescence and acceptance that has been nurtured over years with black Americans in being without our own independent national news media presence. Seeing the integrated newsrooms and the black faces in front and behind the cameras in mainstream news media operations can be misleading in suggesting the news organizations’ editorial direction is sensitive or presenting a racially unbiased report. “The Big Cover-Up” video dispels that racial misconception.

Even having a sizable social media platform can be delusional giving one a sense that millions of likes or followers offset the fact that as a race we are without our own national news media presence and representation. One’s tweets can’t cover and report in depth on the daily incidents and events unfolding around the nation and the world.

However, what they can do is convert a million followers into a power base when you’re passing along information that enlightens  your followers to a concept that shows how a whole race can achieve unprecedented empowerment. Conversely, having a national news media organization receptive to citizen reporters calling in on our 800 number or emailing news-tips, which we, in turn, can give in-depth coverage and report on is another  level of unprecedented empowerment that will become available once we put this news media operation in place.

Corporations, police departments, mainstream news media organizations all had to drop their racial barriers in order for black Americans to integrate their organizations. The one power arena that we don’t need permission or the removal of racial barriers to participate in is the news media arena. This is a self-imposed racial inequality which is unacceptable. That’s about to change.

This is the rare opportunity to support real change for those who have been venting on their Facebook pages or tweeting frustrated at events they observe and the lack of adequate news media coverage. Here’s a rare opportunity for you to get directly involved not only in being able to news-tip us but even in participating in making this concept happen. Check out the “HOW WE’LL MAKE IT HAPPEN” page and participate in our “GoFundMe” campaign. No amount is too big or too small in this collective people power concept.

We are introducing the ultimate change with this strength-in-numbers “People Power” social media funding approach. This website explains many of the reasons for us establishing our own national news media operation, which includes our social media-driven fundraising campaign to achieve the necessary capital to produce the television news day pilot. The pilot is key to show people what an all-inclusive television news day will look like. Join the “GoFundMe” campaign and tell a friend