Why We Are Targeting Mika Brzezinski, Joe Scarborough, and the MSNBC news people


    We Are Targeting Mika Brzezinski, Joe Scarborough and the MSNBC and CNN news people who are to their credit, currently speaking up for our Democracy against the attack from Russia, Donald Trump, and his Republicans enablers. In this context, these are kindred spirits with whom we are sharing this liberating empowering information.

    In these days of an administration engaged in limitless lies and deceit with many in the news media admirably calling them out insisting on integrity, now it’s those in the news media’s turn to support the correction of a longstanding racist deception in which they have been participating. Here’s the list we are reaching out to.

    Morning Joe Crowd

    We hope when these news people learn of the key role they have played wittingly or unwittingly in the unsolved “race and social justice problem,” they extend a level of support for this long-awaited solution commensurate with the level of racial injustice they may have been engaged. The misperception is that integration ended the racist practices in law enforcement and the news media. The reality is the accountability factor the integrated news media is presumed to have been imposing is virtually nonexistent. Actually, this press and police complicity never ended with integration. This is at the root of “the race and social justice problem,” which has remained unsolved since integration and the success of the civil rights movement.

    The Unavoidable Truth

    The same people you see on the air today moralizing on the rampant hypocrisy exhibited by Republicans were all present during “The Big Cover-Up” video and the racist travesty it exposed.

    This is where “The Big Cover-Up” video becomes critical and required viewing because it exposes and proves this little known long-standing practice in the news media of knowingly supporting police misconduct in cases all about race. It shows the power of the racial “sacred cow” factor analyzed in the David Ignatius Syndrome, which sees well-intentioned journalist remaining silent in the face of race and police injustice.

    The power of this racist “sacred cow” factor, shows even the involvement of the black President did not deter those in the news media from knowingly covering-up Sgt. Crowley’s false police report exposed by his own voice in his nationally televised 911 call. This “Perry Mason” moment had to be collectively ignored by MSNBC and CNN news hosts and news people who were around during the first years of the Obama administration plus the entire news media, in order for the cover-up to be successful, which it has been up until this revelation.

    Subsequent generations of journalists not around during the “Obama Gates Crowley travesty” have undoubtedly internalized this racist “sacred cow/unwritten rule.” If they stray as Anderson Cooper of CNN and Greta Van Susteran of Fox News did in “The Big Cover-Up“, the news organizations, as they also did then, will likely reign them back in and change the direction of the story. Inclinations to pursue stories involving racial injustices involving the police, tend not to take their obvious editorial course.

    This means unless we establish our own all-inclusive national news media operation these unwritten rules will continue to be passed down and reinforce themselves in the profession. In addition, black Americans will remain vulnerable as a race, lacking the news media accountability factor that has allowed the “race and social justice problem” to thrive.

    Another illustration of this “unwritten rule/sacred cow” deference to law enforcement in race matters by those in the news media was on display in this segment of “All In With Chris Hayes.” Here’s the revealing exchange between Chris Hayes and Spencer Akerman, the reporter for “The Guardian,” a British news organization mining the rich racist practices in the nation that our news organizations ignore.

    Chris Hayes stumbled on the issue of press and police complicity in race matters when he incredulously asked Spencer Akerman, the Guardian Reporter.

    CHRIS HAYES “Your reporting is alleging massive CPD (Chicago Police Department) conspiracy to systematically violate the constitutional rights in a matter that is prima fascia offensive to the basic constitutional right we all know Miranda, etc., taking place under the noses of the entire Chicago press corp Chicago political establishment are you really going to stand up by that?”

    Guardian Reporter SPENCER ACKERMAN: “I stand by that.”

    CHRIS HAYES continues incredulously: “How is it possible that that is going on those attorneys know enough to talk to you about it and that it’s not in the Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Reader Chicago Tribune or anywhere?”

    SPENCER ACKERMAN: “What I heard from lawyers and activist, they’ve tried to interest journalist into looking into Homan Square for years and got no takers. Why is that, what’s up with the Chicago media I’ve got no idea.

    MSNBC Townhall On Everyday Racism In America

    The follow up by Chris Hayes, or rather the lack of follow up by Chris Hayes in subsequent segments tells the story. There it was, evidence of the press knowingly supporting police misconduct in yet another racial travesty. That was dropped like the proverbial hot potato. More revealing and concerning are the periodic gratuitous town hall meetings on race conducted by MSNBC and African American specials by CNN. The issue of the lack of news media imposed accountability is never the topic or the subject even though that’s what this unsolved “race and social justice problem” is all about.

    An all-inclusive national news media operation actually doing what people thought the news media was already doing is the key and the logical solution. Producing the pilot is the next step. It will show what our all-inclusive national cable news television network looks like. It will cover the same national and international news the other majors cover but will include what they have been omitting regarding the interests, concerns, and relevancy of black Americans. That means accountability where it has never been and a news media operation with a competitive advantage in being more complete with truth and facts being the guide.

    This is the ultimate “no brainer.” If the criteria for having the best product and the most credibility in the news media arena is presenting little known important truths and facts as The Big Cover-Up” video presents, we are way ahead of the competition.