Open Letter To Valerie Jarrett


    This is an open letter to Valerie Jarrett, which we will circulate to others because it shows this endeavor on our website to advance us as a race to a level of unprecedented empowerment and finally full participation in society. This advancement needs no demonstrations or congressional action to move forward. This is completely within our power to make it happen.  

    Valerie Jarrett

    This open letter is to you and your colleagues who were in the White House during the Professor Gates/ Sgt Crowley Obama affair. We are urging you to participate in supporting the solution that we are putting in place to finally address the unsolved race and social justice problem. “The Big Cover-Up” video is our exhibit “A” and “smoking gun”  showing how the integrated news media knowingly covered up police misconduct in that case based on race. It shows even the involvement of the black President (Obama) did not deter the integrated news media from engaging in their racist practice. 

    Other than those in the news media engaged in the offense,  no people had a more up close and personal view of that racist travesty as it unfolded than you and your peers in the White House.  Some have suggested that to point this out to those of you in the Obama administration would put you and your peers on the defensive for having missed the news media’s racist offense against President Obama. Our position is that this is a perfect example of the subtlety and effectiveness of the racist practice by the news media that even those it’s directed against don’t realize it’s taking place. Interestingly, this is a practice so endemic even many in the integrated news media may be unwitting participants. 

    Secondly, we believe the reaction would be like alerting someone you saw their pocket picked and identifying the culprit with their possessions. The expected reaction would be elation glad to retrieve their possessions and possibly offer a reward. In this case, we would expect a similar response of elation to learn that the root of the race and social justice problem has been identified and a solution is available to be supported.   

    Identifying and exposing the integrated news media’s tradition and practice of knowingly supporting police misconduct in race matters establishes our credibility. It shows we are on top of this ongoing racial practice at the root of the unsolved race and social justice problem. This more than justifies our solution establishing our all-inclusive national news media operation.   

    This awareness-raising website is to gain support for our minimum $50,000 GoFundMe campaign to acquire the necessary capital to produce the pilot for our 24-7 all-inclusive national cable news television network and 24-7 on-line news magazine. (See next step of capitalization here.)

    Being made aware that the most visible and vilified race has been without our own national news media representation since integration and “the civil rights movement”should be enough to prompt immediate support to address this last remaining institutional racial inequality. But to learn that we have an unopposed integrated mainstream news media engaged in the systemic racist practice of supporting the police in race matters introduces a greater sense of urgency to fix this inequality. 

    The endless efforts to solve the race and social justice problem has failed because the news media’s key role in the problem has never been identified until now. This is the ultimate wake up call with a realistic plan to permanently fix this problem.

    If we want “black lives to matter” we have to make them matter ourselves. If there’s such a thing as racial malpractice we’re committing it in treating ourselves like second class citizens by not exercising our free press constitutional rights to establish our own all-inclusive national news media operation. All-inclusive means a national news media operation that will do what Americans thought the integrated mainstream news media was doing. Plus we will impose accountability where it has never been.

    We’re introducing a whole new way for black Americans to see ourselves and how we will be perceived, no longer as a second class, weak, powerless people relying on publicity-seeking demonstrations as our go-to move. This takes us from the sidelines to the forefront in the national news media arena where we will provide the kind of racially unbiased national news media operation the nation and black Americans deserve

    SPENCER ACKERMAN: “What I heard from lawyers and activist, they’ve tried to interest journalist into looking into Homan Square for years and got no takers. Why is that, what’s up with the Chicago media I’ve got no idea.