The $20 Price Is Right




     The $20 plan to raise $300,000 and ultimately $200 million to take us as a race to unprecedented empowerment, no longer marginalized and becoming full participants in the society.            

    Launching a new national cable news television network providing African Americans with national news media representation for the first time in history seems so enormously ambitious that even when people see it makes sense, they don’t think we can pull it off. Especially, considering the kind of numbers we’re throwing around, $300 thousand for a television Newsday pilot and $200 million to launch the national cable news television network.

    Nevertheless, pursuant to our objective, we are producing a multimedia business plan, featuring a television Newsday pilot requiring a minimum of $300,000 to justify the end goal of $200 million to launch the all-inclusive national cable news television network.

    That means, regarding the fundraising aspect, the risk has to be practically eliminated and the plan has to be realistic and doable. We believe we have come up with the perfect no-risk big reward formula to make this happen. It begins with recruiting 1,000 “($20 each)  People Power” supporters. The requirements are they/you must check out “The Big Cover-Up” video so they/you see the missing accountability factor that will effectively address this race and social justice problem that has defied a solution up until now. Plus they/you get a full understanding and appreciation of the justification for this endeavor. These are the requirements for those we want to recruit to be our original “$20 People Power 1,000.”

    Just as “The Big Cover-Up” video eliminates any questions regarding the need for our own national news media operation. The CPA generated multimedia business plan featuring the sample television cable news day pilot will show this is the all-inclusive national news media operation that America has needed and been waiting for.

    The current phase of this endeavor begins with our email campaign to get our “$20 People Power 1,000.” ($20 each) supporters. The benefits and expectations for these original 1,000 are described below.

    Once we have our first 1000 email addresses of supporters they will be notified to start our two months Indiegogo $300,000 campaign by donating $20 each and commit to referring at least one more $20 participant each week of the campaign who will, in turn, refer an additional participant. $20 is an amount that won’t send people running for the hills.  One shouldn’t hesitate to solicit even making a phone call. Advancing a whole race to unprecedented empowerment for $20 has to be the all-time ultimate bargain.

    Our “$20 People Power” concept needs only time and exposure to make it happen with both our $300,000 Indiegogo campaign for the production of the business plan and the $200 million stock offering to launch the all-inclusive national cable news television network.

    Once the business plan television news day pilot is produced complete with paid for major corporate advertising, it will demonstrate its viability as a business concept as well as being a societal break-through. It will first be streamed to our 15,000 ($20 each) supporters. Next, it will be streamed to millions nationally via Youtube, Vimeo and other streaming platforms. We expect big money investors to show considerable interests at this point. However, we will stay with our “People Power” concept by selling one million shares at $200 each with a maximum of 5 shares for any one individual.

    *Consistent with SEC rules and FCC requirements the million shares will have three categories the most attractive will be reserved for our first one thousand “$20 people power” participants. The next level of stock ownership will be reserved (14,000 shares) for the $20 participants who came in on the $300,000 business plan stage.  The rest will be common stock.

    If you want to be among the first “People Power 1000” go to sign up here. Welcome aboard.