The Price Is Right



    No Contribution Is Too Big Or Too Small. This Is All About The Collective “Power Of The People”

     Our “Gofundme” Fundraising  $50,000 Goal To Produce Our Television Newsday Pilot is designed To Show to Potential Investors What An All-Inclusive National Television Network Looks Like.  This Will Take Us As A Race To Unprecedented Empowerment, No Longer Marginalized And Becoming Full Participants In The Society.              

    Launching a new national cable news television network providing African Americans with national news media representation for the first time in history seems so enormously ambitious that even when people see it makes sense, they don’t think we can pull it off. Especially, considering the kind of numbers we’re throwing around, $50 thousand for a television Newsday pilot and $200 million to launch the national cable news television network.

    Nevertheless, pursuant to our objective, we are producing a television Newsday pilot requiring a minimum of $50,000 to justify the end goal of $200 million to launch this all-inclusive national cable news television network.

    That means, regarding the fundraising aspect, the risk has to be practically eliminated and the plan has to be realistic and doable. We believe we have come up with the perfect no-risk big reward formula to make this happen. It begins with this No Contribution Is Too Big Or Too Small “GoFundMe” Fundraiser.

    Just as “The Big Cover-Up” video eliminates any questions regarding the need for our own national news media operation. The sample television cable news day pilot will show this is the all-inclusive national news media operation that America has needed and been waiting for.

    OurNo Contribution Is Too Big Or Too Small People Power” “GoFundMe” fundraising campaign needs only time and exposure to make it happen with both our $50,000 “GoFundMe” campaign for the production of our television Newsday pilot. The $200 million stock offering to launch the all-inclusive national cable news television network is a concept continuing with our people power approach.

    Once the television news day pilot is produced complete with paid for major corporate advertising, it will demonstrate its viability as a business concept as well as being a societal break-through. It will first be streamed nationally to millions via Youtube, Vimeo and other streaming platforms. We expect big money investors to show considerable interests at this point. However, we will stay with our give priority to our “People Power” concept by selling one million shares at $200 each with a maximum of 5 shares for any one individual.