Reasons Why We Should Establish This All-Inclusive National News Media Operation


    A Major News Media Void/Inequality Exists That Is Unacceptable

    This lack of news media accountability in race and police encounters is the most obvious but little known long-standing fundamental racial inequality we are experiencing in America. The news media directly impacts every aspect of our existence to include the police and race encounters. It’s a sociological phenomenon that the most visible, vilified and victimized race in the nation-black Americans-are without this national news media layer of accountability in race and police encounters. This is Americas best kept racist secret finally being exposed and addressed.

    An Unoccupied News Media Power Base Is Being Conceded

    Forty-six million black Americans and growing spending $1.1trillion annually and counting are without this layer of news media accountability in race and police encounters.  This means a major market is waiting to be served, a major power base is unoccupied and a substantial business opportunity to sustain the operation is yet to be launched. There is no reason to concede our news media control to mainstream news media domination, particularly since they are unable to omit their traditional racist practice of supporting the police in race and police encounters. We can take this thing to the next level by covering and reporting national and international news and prioritizing including the interests, issues and concerns of African Americans and accountability in race and police encounters where it has never been. We will present a more comprehensive and realistic news report of the nation and world events as they unfold with our own national news media operation. We can compete by being all-inclusive, and not distorted  facts and become the most reliable national news media organization in America. To paraphrase that old saying, “the truth will set you free and make us more credible and competitive.” That’s the objective of this endeavor.

    The Constitutional Right Of A Free Press Is Yet To Be Fully Exercised By Black Americans

    The constitutional first amendment right of a free press was designed to give the people the right to put in place a news media apparatus to monitor and expose as a deterrent to those who would choose to abuse their power and authority. This is a right that we as black Americans have yet to fully exercise by establishing our own all-inclusive national news media operation. It’s the lack of our ability to impose accountability that is directly responsible for the freedom with which police are acting with impunity, with the mainstream news media often collaborating either by commission or omission with the offense. Less this is considered to be an unsubstantiated charge, we offer exhibit “A”, “The Big Cover Up”, video which demonstrates our ability to monitor and expose police and press complicity. It shows how we can work the system effectively the way it’s designed to be worked.

    Finally, Accountability Where It Has Never Been

    The inability to impose accountability has allowed a myriad of racial injustices to prevail.  The best-kept mainstream news media secret is their tradition and practice of knowingly supporting police misconduct when race is involved. This is a racist tradition and practice in the news media that we have finally exposed with irrefutable evidence in “The Big Cover Up” video).  It doesn’t happen in every instance but often enough to show it’s as real a practice in the news media as the code of silence is in law enforcement. Don’t expect a confession from those in the news media. The racist practice is so ingrained in the news media that more than a few of the journalist may not even realize their participation. Nevertheless, this racist practice between police and the press will no longer go undetected, unchallenged and unreported with the launch of this all-inclusive national news media operation.

    Until we establish this all-inclusive  national news media operation we remain a marginalized people and less than full participants in the society. The real casualty of this long-term absence of this all-inclusive national news media is it has allowed a negative cultural mindset to be widely embraced by black folk accepting this news media inequality as an immutable reality, which can’t be altered or addressed. Institutional racism is not nearly as challenging as a conditioned racist mindsets internalized by black folk. For those afflicted with this self-defeating mentality, it stops people before they get started. We see it manifested in a number of ways. When one’s imagination can’t process an apparent level of empowerment after its being fully described, as we have in presenting this all-inclusive national news media concept and it not being immediately embraced. That ‘s a level of awareness we must raise.