Saturday, July 21, 2018


 Our plan is to produce a multimedia CPA driven business plan, the centerpiece being a television sample news day telecast/pilot indicating our editorial direction and production value. It will show potential investors and everyone else exactly the kind of cable news television network we will be launching. This is the kind of game-changing all-inclusive national news operation America needs and has been waiting for.   For those who envision some television version of Jet or Ebony magazine, au contraire, absolutely not. We are not stepping into the national news media arena only to limit and marginalize ourselves all over again. We are here to compete and become the leading national news media operation in America.

We’ve determined that it will take approximately $300,000 for us to make this plan a reality.  This is where you come in.  We need your help and in exchange, we are giving you an opportunity to take part in something that is unlike anything else out there.  We’re talking a national cable news television network giving African Americans national news media representation but being all-inclusive covering the same important news the major networks cover. However, in competing we will stand out against the other cable news  television networks by including what they have been leaving out, which is the interests and concerns of African Americans. That means while they are offering their modified biased version of the news we’re offering the comprehensive all-inclusive version, which will present the real America. This is why we need a pilot to demonstrate this new and improved version of the national news. 

“The Big Cover Up,” video proves we are more than qualified and capable of delivering news that the mainstream news media distorts thereby making us not only competitive but exposing their bias and distortions. The facts speak for themselves. We are going to show black Americans how to feel equal by acting equal. We are not following a standard we are setting a standard. It’s the difference between a news organization that covers the same event, one distorting the facts the other accurately reporting the facts.