The $20 plan to raise $300,000 and ultimately $200 million to take us as a race to unprecedented empowerment, no longer marginalized becoming full participants in the society.            

    This page explains how we have moved the solution to this longstanding racial news media inequality problem from what was considered to be almost impossible to what now appears to be a practical certainty in explaining the game plan, the only question being, how soon?

    The key to launching a concept like this that requires hundreds of thousands and hundreds of millions is devising a strategy that eliminates the risk factor and has a return so disproportional to the initial investment it amounts to the proverbial offer one can’t refuse. $20 to gain the most significant advancement for African Americans since the success of the civil rights movement would seem to comfortably fit that criterion.

    It’s all about the numbers. We have come up with a game plan that has eliminated the risk factor at the $300 thousand level and the $200 million level. When history is written of the success of this endeavor,  $20 is going to have a chapter of its own.

    $300,000 is to produce our CPA certified multimedia business plan, the centerpiece being the production of the television national news day pilot described throughout this website showing what an all-inclusive national news media operation looks like.

    Using the four main social media platforms, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and Twitter, our $20 driven thirty-days Indiegogo pre-launch fund-raising campaign begins immediately. $20 from each individual makes the accumulation of the email commitments the key. The math is simple $20 times 15,000 = $300,000, which we are working to complete in thirty days after our Indiegogo pre-launch campaign.

    $20 is the right pledge to request from our supporters in the pre-launch stage of this mission who in turn shouldn’t mind asking their friends and followers to join and support this historic endeavor. Once we reach 15,000 pledging supporters providing us with their email addresses they will be notified that it’s time to activate their $20 pledges to change the course of history and launch our Indiegogo fundraising campaign.

    $20 is an amount that will hardly have the interested refusing to contribute, hesitating to refer to others and the referred refusing to return phone calls. It’s that “why not,” amount. $20 is such a reasonable amount but collectively it will achieve so much for so many by advancing this endeavor to the $200 million stage.

    $200 million is the final goal to launch this all-inclusive national cable news television network once our CPA multimedia business plan is complete and the television news day pilot is ready to be aired. $200 becomes the new means for individual participation except rather than it being donations it will be an investment offer of one million shares. The percentage of ownership will be determined before presenting the offer. However, to make sure we remain fully independent five shares will be the maximum amount one person can acquire. Now we are talking owners versus donors.

    The $200 million goal will be well promoted. The pilot will include paid major advertiser participation, which will be aired to millions by  streaming to black churches and other organization via Youtube announcing the “new all-inclusive national news media operation America has been waiting for.” There will be a segment of the pilot describing the one million shares “People Power” opportunity for our supporters.  

    Keeping our eyes on the ultimate objective. The success of this endeavor will result in unprecedented empowerment, the ability to impose accountability where it’s never been and the advancements we have described on this website including finally becoming full participants in the society for a whole race-Africa Americans. After the success of this pre-launch campaign, $20 will never feel the same again.


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